Magnified Focus

I’ve always had a fascination with items that could do more than they’re supposed to do. For example, what do we use a magnifying glass for? The obvious answer is that we use it to help us see small words on a page, or small features on an object. However, there are other cool things it could do as well.

You may have tried this experiement before…you need a piece of paper and a magnifying glass. When  you take the magnifying glass, focus on one spot of the paper, then let the sun hit that spot…it eventually burns a hole through the paper. Cool stuff!!

Recently someone explained to me how we can use this “cool stuff” to get ourselves fired up, if you will. We all have goals we want to accomplish and dreams we want to realize. However, often times we don’t achieve those goals because we let obstacles get in the way, then we get discouraged and give up.

Based on the above example, think of God as the sun, yourself as the magnifying glass, and the paper as an obstacle. Would you like to burn a hole through that obstacle? Well here’s a great way to do it…Focus!! Instead of keeping your mind focused on the obstacle, keep your mind fully accomplished on the successful accomplishment of your goal. You the magnifying glass maintain your sharp focus on that. You let God be your help and guide. With your focus and God’s help you a burn a hole right through your obstacle. You then stay focused until you complete the goal.

You may believe this is easier said than done. However, when there is sufficient focus and reliance on the sun, the magnifying glass never fails to burn through the paper. Sometimes it takes longer than others, but it still happens. The same is true for us. When we do our part and focus positively on the realization of our goal, and we rely on God’s power, the mission never fails to get accomplished. Sometimes it make take longer than others, but we either receive our desired prize or a better one. It never fails!

My challenge for myself and anyone else is to be the magnifying glass and stay focused on the goal. Then allow God’s light and power to shine on it, and know it’s only a matter of time before great things happen. Keep the same positive focus, and your goals and dreams will be realized. Enjoy the blessings : )

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