You Can Instantly Destroy Worry

November 10, 2015

I very much enjoy listening to sermons and inspirational messages from around the country. They are readily available online and I enjoy being inspired by these great speakers as often as possible.

I heard one such message yesterday from the C3 church in Orlando Florida (you can listen here for the full message) and felt the need to share as soon as possible. The message was about worry. The pastor shares how worry does absolutely nothing to help us, yet we often continue to make a habit out of it instead of focusing on God’s promises to move forward in our lives and accomplish our goals. The pastor then shares some excellent advice on how you can remove doubt by seeking God and His kingdom first, and relying on His promises to carry you through any obstacles to develop the necessary faith to accomplish God’s will for your life.

This all occurred as I am in the middle of re-reading a book I have read several times called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle (further proof that God does things for a reason). This potentially life-changing book shares the importance of remaining focused on the present moment and “living there” as often as possible. As I heard the sermon last night, I instantly realized another excellent way to avoid worry. That is…remaining as often as possible in the present moment.

When you remain in the present moment it is impossible to worry. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try it. What is worry anyway? It is fear about a future event. Even if that event is only minutes away, it is still in the future. When you remain squarely focused on the present moment you have full control. There is absolutely nothing to fear in the present moment. Even if there is some crazy situation happening (like you are in the middle of a street and a car is coming at you at that moment) your instinct will take over and you will act at that moment to avoid the negative situation.

I find that when I place my full focus on the present moment, fear disappears instantly. And when I follow Jesus’s advice of seeking Him and the Kingdom first, a feeling of faith and power takes over what was once doubt and worry. It is then that I am setting myself up for blessing and miracles. The same is true for you.

Do you want to break the worry habit? If your answer is yes, simply anchor yourself in the present moment as often as possible. You can pray and take action yes, but even if you just spend several minutes observing and enjoying whatever is happening at that time, you are destroying the power that worry can have in your life. So why not take even just a few minutes at a time to enjoy the gift that is the present and destroy worry and its negative feelings? The more you enjoy the positive feelings that arrive as a result, the more you will want to continue this habit and reap the benefits. Enjoy the blessings 🙂