Focus on These Two Words to Make an Awesome Impression

I live in the Unites States, which is not such a great place to be right now. I don’t mean to start a post on a positive thinking blog on such a negative note, but stick with me. It leads to what I’m about to share.

People here are frustrated. Besides the high crime and daily mass shootings, prices are rising at record rates. People can barely afford to breathe here anymore, never mind afford the daily essentials. Another dangerous trend that I’m seeing, is people taking this frustration out on each other. More than ever, I notice people being flat out mean to each other. In a way, you can’t blame them. At times, I’ve fallen into the same trap. I am usually a very nice, patient person. However, in recent times, I notice my tolerance level is lower than it’s been. I feel the stress of all this too, so I understand why most people are not happy right now and project those negative feelings upon others.

I will say that I hate being that way. I recently caught myself acting a bit (ok, a lot) impatiently towards others. I decided right there that I had to change back to my normal, positive attitude. I just didn’t like the feeling of negativity, and knowing I was projecting that towards others. I promised myself I would deliberately demonstrate kindness to other people.

I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary for me, though I hadn’t been doing them a lot recently. Simple things like smiling, saying thank you, a small compliment, etc. These were just little things. However, I noticed the reactions were huge. Due to the flood of negativity in our world, these actions were unexpected. I felt like people were surprised. “Wait, why is this person being nice? People aren’t usually like this. Is this supposed to be happening?” I felt like this is what people were thinking. Yet, I could tell they appreciated it. I often received a smile and a thank you in return. It appeared that their demeanor changed for the better as well.

These simple actions are not rocket science. As I’ve said before, there are too many times where I lack the patience with people and positivity towards them that I should have. However, in the past few days, I’ve re-learned this… due to the negativity in our world now, if you demonstrate any type of kindness and positive demeanor to people, you will stand out.

Do you want to be noticed in a big and great way by people and make a positive difference in your world? I have two words of advice…. BE KIND. Enjoy the blessings 🙂

10 Responses to Focus on These Two Words to Make an Awesome Impression

  1. Thanks for sharing this great post! Great work! I appreciate YOU!

  2. Caroll says:

    This is such an important message right now! Thank you! I also loved yesterday’s post about avoiding resisting negative thoughts. I forwarded it to several of my Law of Attraction coaching clients.
    Love your writing style, too. Clear and powerful.
    Many thanks for making a difference 🙏

    • joedalio says:

      Please know how much I appreciate the wonderful comment and feedback. Even more so that you are willing to share with others. This hit me hard the other day, and I felt the need to share. Have an excellent day 🙂

  3. rkcdlitt says:

    People of God are people of Love

  4. It’s like we’re tuned into a blaring discordant radio station inside our heads that we can’t turn off! That’s the power of negativity. Ugly. And yet, you’re right. Each of us can turn the knob to soothing beautiful music to drown out the noise! Thanks for putting that out there. Awesome posts you have!

  5. Mairead Russell says:

    Yup. Kindness seems to a forgotten thing these days. Spread the love people!

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