The One And Only

October 24, 2013

I was doing some reflecting recently as I celebrated an anniversary. I spent the first 25 years of my life in the New York City metro area, and now have spent 22 years here in Buffalo. I did some reminiscing of the music, sports, and eventsĀ from that time and listened to some of the songs that help me remember my first days here.

There was one song that was not very popular, but I loved the sound and message. It’s called “The One and Only” by Chesney Hawkes. It was very popular in Europe at the time, but never went too far here in the U.S. However, the song was all over the waves of the small radio stations between New York and Buffalo.

TheĀ chorus of the song goes like this…

I am the one and only
Nobody I’d rather be
I am the one and only
You can’t take that away from me

Not only have I been reminiscing about my feelings during this move 22 years ago, but this theme has also been especially prevelant on my mind. God is clearly showing me that I am a unique creation of His that He is very proud of…even during the times where I am not so proud of this creation.

I challenge you to think this way today. Be joyful that you are a one and only creation of the Creator of all things. Rremember that no one can ever take that from you.

I am not recommending that you see yourself as better than anyone else. We are all unique creations. Simply see yourself as God sees you and be proud that you can be called a son or daughter of God. No one can be a better you than you can. Once again…no one can take that away from you. Enjoy the blessings : )