Leaving A Legacy

March 4, 2013

I’ve been away from writing during the past few days due to a death in the family. My wife’s step father passed away earlier this week.

Accepting the death of a loved one is never easy. However, it is easier to take in some situations, specifically this one. First of all, Paul was a strong and devout Christian. He took seriously the responsibility of spreading the word and helping people live the Christian life.

The greatest thing about Paul is the wonderful legacy he has left. He has had positive impacts on many people. His strong example has trickled down to his three daughters, their spouses and kids, and many other people around him. The wake and funeral were packed with people from all walks of his life; his family, friends from church, neighbors, work and class mates, and many more. The funeral was easily the most positive I have ever attended. Yes it was still sad to be discussing his greatness under these circumstances, but it was very uplifting. We know without a doubt where he is spending eternity, and one by one, people came to the stage to share Paul’s positive influences on them and other people.

These events make me think, and I will relay my thoughts to you. What will people say about you when you are gone? For me, I would love for people to say the same things they did about Paul. I would want them to discuss how I was a model of the Christian life. I would want them to discuss the many lives that were positively impacted because I allowed God to use me according to His will. I would want that just the mention of my name would put a smile on their face.

I will say this without offense…Paul was not at all perfect. He didn’t always make people happy. At times he was quite outspoken, and ticked some people off as a result. However, I say this as an inspiration because even though he wasn’t perfect, he still touched many lives and leaves this great legacy.

I challenge you to live your life so you will leave a great legacy when it’s all over. It is my goal, and I share it with my readers. Let us be great examples of love, positivity, joy, kindness, and all of the fruits of the Spirit. Even though we are not perfect, we can be a great example to those around us and leave a great legacy. This is definitely something Paul accomplished. He will certainly be missed.