How Refreshing Can Vacation Be?

February 25, 2014

The above question is an interesting one. The answer depends on the perspective of the individual. However, sometimes a vacation is so good and so refreshing that it automatically answers the question.

I recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation to Florida. I always enjoy the opportunity to visit, but after the brutal winter we’ve had (which is still in progress by the way), it was an especially golden opportunity to get away to someplace warm.

The vacation was one of those that, if anything could go right, it did. We were blessed with extraordinary weather. The day we drove down was one day after a major snow and ice storm hit the Carolinas and Virginias. We were not slowed down at all as we travelled through. The weather in Florida was sunny every day with temperatures ranging from the low 70s early in the week, to the mid 80s by the end. We had smooth sailing with a reliable minivan, and no major traffic to get in our way. The people we encountered, such as my parents, my wife’s father and step-mother, brother and sister-in-law, treated us like royalty. The service we received from the hotels and parks we stayed at was top-notch.

If you are stuck in this winter’s persistently cold weather pattern, I wish I could have taken you with me. However, I offer you an escape I often use. When I get sick of winter, I find warm, tropical pictures and videos and immerse myself there to provide warm, comforting thoughts. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it makes me feel better and warmer. I offer you the same with some pictures from this wonderful Florida vacation.

wpid-IMG_20140214_173106.jpg      wpid-IMG_20140215_132721.jpg

wpid-IMG_20140215_142603.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140216_132026.jpg

wpid-IMG_20140216_144959.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140216_155227.jpg

One of the highlights of our trip was an ocean-front hotel stay in Cocoa Beach. Here are some sunset views from our hotel balcony..

wpid-IMG_20140217_180911.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140217_180922.jpg

This moonrise picture’s reflection seems like it’s leading to the heavens. That’s where I felt like I was 🙂


How would you like to wake up to this? Sunrise on Cocoa Beach…

wpid-IMG_20140218_070151.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140218_070246.jpg wpid-IMG_20140218_070350.jpg

Here’s a place I’ve been to several times, and it never gets old…


I hope the sunny skies and beautiful scenery can take you out of the gloomy, icy doldrums for now. I am now back in the Buffalo cold and snow. There will be further challenges with weather, my job, and other things. However, after a trip like this I am refreshed and more than ready to handle any challenges that come my way. I cannot be more thankful 🙂