Responsibility For Success

August 20, 2011

Who’s responsibility is it for goals to be achieved in our lives? The obvious answer is that each individual is responsible for their own success. I agree with that. However, how much responsibility do we need to take for our own success?

The second question is the more debatable one. Many people say that the harder we work, the more we succeed. I will not disagree with the importance of working hard. However, the more I study this topic, the more I realize we are not made to do it all. In fact, most the responsiblity does not rest on our shoulders.

As author/speaker Wayne Dyer puts it, we are co-creators with God. We do our part in planting the seeds with our actions. Then we rely on Him to take care of the rest. We don’t have to work ourselves crazy. The key is to determine what steps of action we need to take, and then take them. If you’re not sure, then pray and ask. All wisdom will be provided when we simply seek it.

The next step is to have faith. Do you part, and let God do His. Then have complete faith that the goals you are seeking will  be achieved.

This method works wonders. We do our part, but don’t have to knock ourselves out, as we faithfully rely on God and His wonders to take us the rest of the way. Then it sets the stage for even greater success. Then be thankful and enjoy the blessings : )