Which Is The Best State?

June 30, 2013

What state do you live in? Hopefully whatever state it is, you would say it’s the best. I know that I strive to live in the best state on a regular basis.

Wait a minute, you might say. How can you strive to live in the best state? I understand. However, I’m not going where you think I may be going with this. Here’s the state I’m talking about. It’s the state of….mind. As in always striving for the best state of mind.

I am being reminded a great deal lately how state of mind affects quality of life. When you are regularly in the best state of mind, your quality of life increases dramatically.

I will add one important piece of the puzzle. Did you know that what you desire is also a state of mind? For example, happy people are regularly in that joyful state of mind. Wealthy people have a wealth mindset. Fit people have a healthy mindset.

Here lies one of the great keys to success and achieving your goals. The key is to put yourself in that state of mind, and maintain it. For example, if you are seeking to lose weight and become more healthy, put yourself in that state of mind. Envision yourself at the weight you want to be. Put and keep yourself in a healthy state of mind. Act as a fit, healthy person would. What happens then is you subconsciously develop the habits that fit people do. As you think accordingly, you begin to automatically act accordingly. That’s when the results begin to show.

It’s the same with anything else in life. If you are seeking greater wealth, develop a wealth mindset. Visualize yourself with money and enjoying the benefits of it. Dress the part, and enjoy the new-found confidence you would have if the extra money was actually in your pocket. Once again, it eventually becomes part of your subconscious thinking, and you begin to act accordingly, being drawn to the money you are seeking.

I can go on with different examples. If you want happiness, smile, be happy and think happy thoughts. If you want more friends, be a good friend yourself. If you are seeking greater freedom, be the person you would be if you actually had it. It’s all about being what you want. When you are in the best state of mind, you don’t have to worry about what action to take. You just do it, taking inspired action towards the attainment of our desire.

Now that you have this information, I ask again…which is the best state?  I think you can answer that it’s the best state of mind that will bring you to your desire. Now if you will excuse me, I have some things to take care of here in the state of New York. Have an excellent day : )

Using Mind Power to Lose Weight

August 31, 2011

There are several people I know that struggle with their weight. Some are significantly above where they want to be, and some are even well below. Others can get to their desired weight at times, only to gain more pounds shortly after that.

It seems that there are as many ways to lose weight as there are people that are overweight. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. If only there was a weight loss solution that could work for anyone.

I am certainly not an expert on losing weight. I am not a nutrionist or dietician, and I’ve only had one time period in my life where weight gain was an issue. However, I am learning more and more about how the power of our mind can change any situation in our lives. In my own life, I’ve seen it bring more money into my life, it’s improved relationships, and has helped in many other areas. If you are seeking to lose weight, I believe the following process can and will help you:

1. Determine the exact weight you desire to be. Be as specific as possible by naming an exact weight. 150, 120, 135, whatever it may be.

2. Imagine yourself at that weight. Whenever you can, use your imagination to experience life at your ideal weight. Use all of your senses as you do this. See yourself at the ideal weight. Hear the compliments from others. Feel the weight being gone. Smell and taste the food that you can still eat and maintain your ideal weight.

3. As you experience step 2, feel the positive emotions of your weight goal being reached. Experience the feelings of gratitude, satisfaction, and accomplishment for reaching your weight goals. When you do steps 2 and 3, your mind starts to believe that it is actually happening. Your subconsious mind cannot tell the difference between something that is imagined or real, so keep imagining! Once you begin to believe that it is happening, move on to step 4 which is…

4. Take action. It is much easier to take action when you believe positive results are taking place. This occurs in steps 2 and 3. Whether it is more exercise, choosing different foods to eat, or whatever your intuition tells you to do, be sure to take those necessary steps.

I have found that, when I use these 4 steps in any area of my life, I experience positive results. The key here is to focus on where you want to be, and have faith that you WILL accomplish it. When you follow these steps, you actually develop the faith it takes to reach your goal. It’s amazing also, about how when your mind has certain beliefs, your body follows. Have you ever seen how some people stay sick? Even though they may not be completely sick, they think they are. As a result, healing takes much longer. It works the other way as well. When people believe they are vibrant and healthy, they usually remain that way.

The bottom line is that you can reach your desired weight. So start shopping for those smaller clothes, and make plans to do those outdoor, physical activities you’ve been putting off. Believe you can get there and you will. Enjoy the blessings : )