Positive Expectation

May 9, 2013

A while ago, I wrote a post about assuming the answer yes. I discussed how, on behalf of another student, I asked one of my nicer students for a piece of paper out of her notebook. I was so sure she would say yes and provide the paper that I unconsciously found myself with her notebook in my hand, already ripping the piece of paper out before she even said yes.

I apologized to my student, and being the good sport that she is she just laughed it off. However, I learned a very valuable lesson from this experience. This lesson has come to light this week as I read about the subject of expectation. It’s a simple fact that what you expect you receive. It could be good or bad. If you expect to fail you will. If you expect success and great things in your life you will receive them.

In the case of the student’s paper, I expected an affirmative response. I was so sure of it that I immediately acted without even thinking about it. As it turns out, my wish was quickly granted. Success in life is often more complicated than receiving a piece of paper, but the concept is the same for whatever you are looking to achieve. Completely expect that you will accomplish your goal. Expect success so much that you already begin acting towards it. Sometimes the action is automatic, and sometimes it is planned. Either way, when your positive expectation is strong, you will move quickly towards the goal, and you will see results. I believe that the greater the expectation, the quicker the results.

What are you expecting today? I recommend you expect greatness and success. Pray for God’s help, and envision the positive results you seek. The more you see it in your imagination, the more your faith will grow, and your expectations will become more and more positive. It works the other way too. As you see more positive results, you will constantly have positive expectations for even greater results.

I ask again…what are your expectations today? Keep them positive and you will experience greatness in your life. Enjoy the blessings : )

How To Receive The Best of Everything

October 21, 2012

How many people want to say they have the best of everything in life? It is human nature for us to want the best of everything. Some people can say they have it all now. However, many other people simply spend their lives longing for great things, but never see them materialize. Instead of experiencing the best things life can provide, they spend lives hoping, wishing, and waiting.

Is there a way to receive the best in all aspects of life? I firmly believe there is. So how can you receive the best of everything in life? Simply look for it. It seems too simple to be true. However, I know from experience how powerful this truth is. The times I seek the best in everything are the times I see it and experience it. The times I see negativity are the times things don’t go the way I want them to go.

To make this even simpler, I will break it down into several parts. Focus on “the best” in these areas, and I believe you will see dramatic changes in your life:

  • The best in other people – So often, we see the faults in other people. You may be married to a beautiful person. However, as time goes by, instead of seeing that beauty, you see the things that bother you…the nagging, leaving the toilet seat up, not cleaning up their mess, etc. What happens to the relationship when both partners do this? Of course it deteriorates! What would happen if you both focused on the beautiful things that attracted you together in the first place? Of course the relationship would flourish! Sure, the dishes and toilet seats need to be discussed, especially if it is bothersome. However, focus on the best aspects of the other person, and you are very likely to see them. Focus on the positives of everyone around you. Sure, everyone has issues. Everyone has things about them that are negative. E veryone also has things about them that are positive. I challenge you to focus on these things. See each person as the best possible person they can be. Expect them to be that person, and if necessary, communicate that expectation. It’s funny how people around us live up to whatever expectations we have for them.
  • The best in yourself – Once again it’s often human nature to focus on the things that are wrong. You are a beautiful person with many positive qualities. Yet why do most focus on the negatives and mistakes? The key is to have high expectations for yourself and see yourself reaching them. Learn from your mistakes and failures, but don’t remain focused on them. Instead, remain focused on the beautiful creation you are, and have high standards for yourself. Don’t accept mediocrity. Always see yourself as worthy, give yourself fully into any task, and provide the best effort you possibly can every time. This last sentence of advice I have learned is the best and fastest way to success in any endeavor and to achieve a very successful life.
  • The best in circumstances – Things don’t always work out the way we want them to. However, the Bible says all things work out for our good. The key is to see that good in everything and to be thankful for it. I will say that I don’t have as much money as I need right now. However, I have a beautiful house, with two cars, a pool, and many other things. Even though I am still struggling financially, I am richer than 90% of the rest of the world. That is how I need to look at. If I focus on the debt, I will continue to stress over it and experience it. If I am thankful for the good that I have and continue to seek that good, I will experience more of it. The same is true for anyone else as well.

I remind you again that if you want to receive the best of everything, simply look for it. See and expect the best in other people. See and only expect and give the best of yourself. And see the best of the circumstances in your life. People will live up to those ideals. You will feel great about the contributions you are making to your world, and you will see positive changes to your circumstances. I have seen in my own life that when you look for the best in everything you will get it. Your life will be filled with blessings, and you will be a major blessing to others. That’s the life I want to live. How about you?