Is It Wrong To Name It And Claim It?

July 2, 2013

Uh-oh. I’m treading on some dangerous territory today. I will reflect on a touchy subject, especially among those in the Christian church.

When you say name it and claim it, a wide spectrum of emotions and opinions is brought out. There are some that say that naming and claiming is simply expressing faith, while others say it is adamantly wrong to overstep our bounds in a world that is supposed to be controlled by God. They say it is completely wrong, and a philosophy we should stay away from.

After seeing and hearing several messages about this lately, I would like to share my take. First of all, being a Christian myself, I can understand why people have their guard up when they hear this concept. There are two main reasons I believe this is true. One is that people say by naming it and claiming it, you are taking God out of the equation and trying to control things yourself instead of surrendering control to Him. Second, they feel God is being used as a magic genie to bring us our earthly desires.

I can certainly understand those concerns. However, let’s take a look at the other side of the argument. I often break down the definition of faith. According to Hebrews in the Bible, faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Simple translation…knowing exactly what you want, and knowing that if it’s according to the will of God it’s yours. When you look at that definition, isn’t faith naming and claiming? You are being sure of what you want, and believing it as true.

There are plenty of other scriptures that echo this concept. My favorite is Mark 11:24 which says if we pray for something and believe we already have it, it’s ours. Isn’t this naming and claiming? Other verses say “ask and it will be given”. “Pray anything in the name of the Lord and you will receive it”. In my opinion, those are both bold claims.

I have also heard some preachers talk about positive thoughts lately. One way to do that is to use powerful proclamations.  For example, you can empower yourself by saying things like..” I proclaim that this is going to be a great day”. What follows is usually a great day. What’s wrong with that?

In my opinion, if we are going to have our prayers answered, there is no other way to do it besides naming it and claiming it. I will be the first to say that we don’t do it at the expense of God’s sovereignty. He knows what’s best for our lives and we still need to submit to His will. He is also not to be used as a magic genie to bring all of your desires into your life. He wants to be more than that. He wants a relationship with you, and to be in control to guide you to the right place in life. However, He also wants to provide the abundance, greatness, and success that you are seeking. He wants you to see that His promises are true, and He willingly provides great gifts to His precious children.

I will say again, that I believe a name it and claim it way of life is not only right and good, but necessary to demonstrate the faith it takes to live the life meant for us. Know that God has ultimate control, and ask freely for the desires of your heart. You will see them come to pass. If your prayer is not answered and it’s not His will, it only means He has something better for you and you may have to wait a little bit longer to see it realized.

What is it you are seeking? Claim it in faith in the name the Lord. Believe His promises, and watch them manifest in your life. You will be blessed abundantly yourself, and will be in a greater position to bless others. That’s a claim anyone can live with : )