Who Cares What Other People Think?

October 15, 2013

On the way to church the other day, my daughter and I were talking about her Sunday school teacher. He’s is a rather good teacher, even though he’s only about 20 years old and has no formal training in teaching. He was simply asked to do it, and did so without hesitation. In fact, that’s what the main part of this conversation was about. We admire this person because he will do anything (within reason) without worrying about what people might think.

OK, I know I can’t see you right now, but raise your hand if you’ve spent a significant amount of your life holding back because you are worried about what people might think. I know you can’t see me, but my hand is raised high. Many of us do it. Part of it is human nature. After all, we want to make people happy and we don’t want to disappoint anybody. However, after many years, I have found that the only person I am disappointing in these situations is myself.

It is only recently that I have avoided relying on the opinions of others. I will say that sometimes it even causes some resistance. Yes, I may disappoint some people. However, I find found that, the more I rely on my own intuition and “the voice of God”, the more I am led to where I want to be.

I will take a time out here to say that you don’t want to completely disregard the opinions and advice of other people. If you believe moving in a certain direction is going to hurt someone close to you or make things very difficult for them, then obviously it is probably best to make the sacrifice and find a different way to get where you want to go. Also, if many people are telling you the same thing about where you’re falling short or even where you are excelling, than you may want to pay attention and listen to what they say.

The problem is that people get too hung up on what other people say. What’s worse is that they get hung up on what they MIGHT say or how they MIGHT react. Nothing’s even happened yet!

Someone once told me….don’t worry about your reputation because for as many people as you know, you have a different reputation for each one of them. It’s so true. Whether you have hundreds of people, thousands, or millions in your life, you are being judged differently by each one of them.

Knowing this, the best advice I was given is to control the reputation that I can control. That is the judgement of two…me and God. It’s up to me to see myself as God sees me, nothing more and nothing less. It’s also up to me to act in a manner that it pleasing to God. That’s it.

I will say that one of my goals in life is certainly to make people happy, and avoid disappointing people. However, I am done holding back from pursuing my goals and enjoying life to the fullest in fear of what people might think.

I share the same advice with you today. Be like my friend from church who (meant in a positive way) will do anything without fear of the way things will turn out or that people may laugh at or ridicule him. If you are inspired to do something, and firmly believe it’s the right thing that won’t bring anyone down, then by all means move forward and do it. You will find life so much more joyful and rewarding. I can certainly attest to that. Enjoy the blessings : )