Increase Your Expectation

July 2, 2014

I start with a couple of stories to prove the point of today’s post… I was somehow reminded of a period of my life where I had problems finding dates. I was an attractive, intelligent male, yet I had difficulty finding females that were interested in going out with me. One day, I heard a friend complaining that he hadn’t had a date in over a week. You can guess my reaction. A week?! It’s been months for me and I see no end in sight to this drought.

Another time in my life I was just starting in my career and my income was low. I was at a party and the low life, drunk husband of one my co-workers was advising us about careers. He told us…”don’t go for any of those $40,000 jobs. You’re not going anywhere in life unless you’re making at least $75,000″. There was also another time in my life where income was low. A millionaire investor friend of mine was visiting and we met with a friend of his. This other friend was concerned and seeking ways to ensure he could maintain his lifestyle (already making hundreds of thousands of dollars).

What’s the point of these stories? They are reminders to me about the concept of expectation. I was having problems meeting and dating women. I had no expectation that this would end, so months without a date didn’t phase me. The other person’s level of expectation was different. He EXPECTED to be dating on a regular basis and was out of sorts that it had been a whole week without the company of a female. I’ll give you one guess as to who had the next date. wasn’t me.

Going back to the drunk and obnoxious husband, he had a point. How could he say not to go for $40,000? My friends and I all agreed that we would dance in the streets for $40,000. If we strive for it, eventually we would receive it. However, the lesson I’ve learned is that if we strive for the $75,000 we would ultimately receive that. So why not shoot for the top? Same with the investor. He saw nothing less than a hundred thousand dollar lifestyle as an option. He was expecting this income and nothing less.

The lesson that I remind you of (as well as myself) is that we receive according to our level of expectation. Jesus Himself said, “according to your faith it is done to you”. He also said that if you believe you already have what you want, you will receive it. If you are single and you expect a date every week, you will rarely be alone. If you expect to make $100,000 instead of $50,000 you will receive it. If you expect to run 5 miles instead of 1, you will accomplish it.

The bottom line is that if you want more in your life you need to raise your level of expectation. God has an unlimited supply available, and He is waiting for you to ask for it. See… How To Increase Your Blessings – Get a Bigger Container for more information about this. Know that you are worthy and you can have what you desire. Simply have this faith, pray for it, and see it as already yours. EXPECT that you will receive it and you will. Enjoy the blessings 🙂