How To Receive The Love You Are Seeking

April 28, 2013

“To acquire love…fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.” – Charles Haanel.

We all want to be and feel loved. It is the thing we humans crave after the most on this earth. Some of us have been lucky enough to experience a great deal of love from those around us, while others may not feel very loved.

It is difficult to control the attitudes of people around us, but if you want to experience love, the key is in the above quote. I believe there are two main ways to accomplish this. One is to do what the quote says and fill yourself up with love. Consciously bring to mind the great love of God and as much evidence of that love as possible. The second thing is to be that love. As much as you can, demonstrate the love of God to others around you by giving and serving in a loving way.

It’s amazing how what we give away comes back to us in abundance.  When we give thanks, we are given more reasons to be thankful. When we give money, it comes back in multiple amounts. And when we give love, it’s amazing how it comes back to us from all kinds of different sources.

We don’t give love with the sole purpose of getting back. When you give out the kindness of your heart, you feel an unbelievable joy that makes you want to give again and again. After a while, it won’t even matter what you get back, though I can guarantee it will be an abundance. I challenge you today to be the love you seek, and to give it away as much as possible. You will be truly blessed : )

4 Step Process to Success

August 19, 2011

There are many formulas to success from people in all walks of life. I was sent an e-mail from inspirational speaker Bob Proctor. It included an audio with perhaps one of the simplest and most powerful formulas for success. The audio and list are titled “Deena Morton’s Four Principles”. Here they are…:

1. Have a clear goal in mind of what you what you want to accomplish. Fix that goal in your mind and “experience” its accomplishment in your imagination. See it happening and feel the associated positive emotions.

2. Be “others focused” The more you give to other people and positively impact them, the more blessing you will receive in your own life. However, Deena stresses to avoid giving to get. Give because you want to and expect nothing in return from them. You will be blessed abundantly.

3, Have gratitude for everything. Even when things go wrong, be thankful that you are being pushed in the right direction. The more we are grateful for the success that we have, the more we will receive.

4. Have unwavering faith. She says that when we worry and doubt, we push our goals further away from us. When we have faith, knowing that we are receiving what we desire, our goals will be realized much sooner than later.

These are not new principles. They have been around forever, and they all came from the mouth of Jesus Himself. Success and the achievement of your goals is at your fingertips. By following these easy 4 steps, you will be grasping success in your arms. Enjoy the blessings : )

If you would like to listen to the inspirational audio and the 4 principles at work, please click on the link below.