Getting Ready For Christmas…In June?

June 5, 2013

I realize we are as far away from Christmas as we can be at this time. The hustle and fast pace is long past us, and several months away from returning.

So why am I talking about Christmas now? I was reminded of  God’s gift-giving process, and how it resembles the anticipation of receiving a gift at Christmas. Please allow me to explain. When I was a child, I can remember certain gifts I really wanted. Some of them I knew I wanted months before Christmas. I was fortunate that, if I asked for something within reason, my parents would come through with the desired gift.

When I would “wish” on Christmas gifts, there was always a process:

  1. Determine what I wanted.
  2. Ask for it
  3. Imagine the fun and enjoyment I would receive from the gift
  4. Having the faith the I would receive it at the appointed time.
  5. Enjoy the gift

As I thought about this, I meditated on the fact that this is how we receive gifts in life today. I realize further that all of the great gifts I have today were received as I followed this formula.

What gifts are you seeking today? I realize it’s not Christmas yet, but God is ready to provide gifts on a daily basis. You can receive the gifts you seek by following this formula. Determine exactly what you want; Ask for it in prayer. Envision the enjoyment of receiving the gift, and act as positively as you would if you already had it; Know that you will receive it in due time, and enjoy the anticipation of the gift arriving. Be thankful and enjoy the gift when you receive it.

The Bible says that God loves providing gifts for His children, as long as they ask. It says that, just as we imperfect people would never give a snake if our child asked for a fish, or a stone if they ask for bread, God being perfect and loving would never do that for us. He is ready and willing to give the most beautiful gifts when we ask Him.

I highly recommend you meditate on this gift receiving formula today. Know that God is waiting for you to ask and believe for the greatest gifts he has for you. I wish you the best. Now I need to go Christmas..I mean summer…. Have a wonderful day : )

It’s Great To Be Alive

April 12, 2013

As I was thinking about today’s writing topic, I thought back to some gifts I received at Christmas when I was a kid. I was big into games and electronics. The two I most remember are my first Monopoly game, and a Coleco Electronic Quarterback game (I waited months for that one). They were both great gifts. Sometimes I won, and sometimes I lost. I don’t like to lose, so these gifts would upset me sometimes. However, I was still very happy to have them.

I think of some of the wonderful gifts I have today, such as my family. They too are great gifts that sometimes disappoint and upset me. However, I still truly treasure them.

My point is…life is a gift. It will sometimes disappoint and frustrate you, but if you treat it as the true gift that it is, you will treasure it and be blessed. Don’t let the difficulties of life get you down. Know that you may lose sometimes, but you were made to win. Like one of my blog’s messages says…life is sweet. Enjoy it!

To drive the point home of treasuring life, I’ve included a link to my favorite Christian song of 2012. Enjoy!