Are You In Alignment With Your Desires?

March 15, 2014

I have read many books about manifesting desires and bringing my greatest dreams and goals into reality. If you’ve read similar information, you will know that much information about rapid manifestation and the Law of Attraction discuss the importance of alignment.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t understand something completely, I sometimes tend to gloss it over and pay more attention to the ideas I do understand. For the longest time, that was the case with alignment. I didn’t quite grasp the concept, so I didn’t pay much attention. However, as I continued being exposed to this idea and realized more how important it is, I began to pay more attention and researched it further.

I decided it was time to not only understand exactly what the necessary concept of alignment is, but also that I needed to do it and make sure I was aligned with my greatest desires. I did some research and found some very helpful information. First of all, everywhere I looked, I was told that alignment is all mainly about one thing….feeling. It’s a simple fact that I’ve seen in my own life. The better you feel, the more chance of receiving blessing. The higher your energy is on the positive emotion scale, the greater your chances of experiencing greatness. Some people argue with this, saying you can’t be positive and full of high energy all the time. I will agree. However, the more you maintain positive emotions and high energy, the more you set yourself up for greatness. If you don’t believe me, think back to the greatest periods of your life. Most likely you will realize that when things were going well, you consistently maintained a positive frame of mind.

I mentioned that alignment is about feeling good. To break it down to the areas of your life, it is specifically feeling good about what you desire. For example, if you desire more money but constantly complain and fret about what you don’t have, you are not in alignment, and you may be repelling money away from you. Instead, be happy with what you have, and think positive thoughts about money, knowing that you have what it takes to receive it. Then figure out what you need to do and take action to receive it. At the same time, place the desire in God’s hands with the faith and confidence that He will get you there. If you are trying to lose weight don’t fret about the fact that your not losing the pounds fast enough or that you’re hungry, or any other negative feelings. Instead, enjoy the process of getting in shape, and see yourself at the weight you desire to be. Along with the positive thoughts, feel the joy as if you have already accomplished your goal.

Here’s a guide from one article that shows whether or not you are in proper alignment with your desire:

  • You feel good
  • You look forward to receiving the desire
  • You enjoy thinking about it
  • You have faith and expect to receive it
  • You feel the joy of already receiving it
  • You focus on the joy of having it instead of the pain of not having it yet

The opposite is true if you are not in alignment…

  • You don’t feel positive emotions
  • You feel that your happiness depends on receiving your desire
  • You focus on the absence of having it instead of the joy of receiving it.
  • You are constantly looking for it instead of believing it will arrive in God’s time
  • You ask questions of why you don’t have it yet
  • You wonder what you are doing wrong

Do you see the difference? I have realized now that being alignment simply means feeling good and positive as often as I can. It means instead of worrying about whether my goal will be realized and over-working myself to get there, I simply need to have faith, focus on the realization of the desire, live as if I already have it, and take the small steps necessary to get myself there.

This same formula applies to you. Instead of fretting about the fact that you don’t have what you want and wondering if you’ll ever get there, know that when you have faith, maintain positive thoughts and high energy, and take confident action, it’s only a matter of time until your wish or something better is realized. Enjoy the blessings 🙂

Here’s a link to the article I found this info from, along with another helpful one. You will see that the information is very consistent. I hope it helps you and brings you closer to your dreams.

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It’s An Emotional Matter

May 7, 2013

One of my main themes on this blog is about using the power of your mind to live the life you want to live. I say it all the time (as do many others) that the more positive your thoughts are, the more positive outcomes you will experience. It’s also great how you can use your God-given free will to deliberately monitor your thoughts and take control of your life.

The problem with this is that it is difficult to monitor your thoughts on a consistent basis. If you are like me, your days get extremely busy and you think many different thoughts. So how can you tell if your are thinking the right thoughts? The answer…drum roll please….is by your emotions. How are you feeling? The answer to that question also answers the one about what you are thinking. When I first began studying the power of the mind and being sure to maintain positive thoughts, I didn’t believe that emotions played a big part. After all, it is difficult even for the happiest person to feel happy every moment of the day. One can’t be expected to be, as negative experiences and difficult obstacles are inevitable for anyone. However, the more I continued to study, the more I realize that, even though we can’t be expected to be perfectly hapy all the time, our emotions are still the best indicator about how we are thinking.

The key with using emotions as your guideline is consistency. Ask yourself..”how am I feeling on a regular basis?” If you are generally feeling sad, frustrated, and negative, it means you have been thinking negatively. As a result, you are likely experiencing generally negative situations, not reaching the goals you have set for yourself and living the life you want. On the other hand, if you are generally feeling good, positive, optimistic, and hopefull, you are thinking those types of thoughts, and most likely enjoying those types of circumstances.

Once again I will say that no one can be expected to be happy all the time, especially if going through a difficult time, like job loss, death of a family member, etc. However, when you monitor your emotions and strive to think the most positive thoughts possible, even these most difficult situations become easier.

Success in life begins in the mind with positive, faithful thoughts. Constantly monitor your emotions to be sure you are thinking those types of thoughts. If you’re feeling good and positive, it means you are on the right track to attract those types of situations in your life. The more positive your thoughts and the more powerful your feelings and emotions, the greater happiness and success you achieve in life. It makes a big difference in life, and for me, sometimes it’s so overwhelmingly positive that it makes me emotional. Enjoy the blessings : )

What Are You Complaining About?

March 10, 2013

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny” – Neville Goodard

I start with this quote because I had a conversation with someone about the art of complaining. Totally by accident, this person said something so profound that I felt the need to share. He is going through some difficult times in his life right now. He said he is trying to think positive because he said the more he complains, the worse things seem to get.

BINGO! It’s the same simple fact for everyone. The more you complain, the worse things get. Why? Because what you receive in life is in relation to the thoughts you think, and the things you say. When you complain, you are thinking negatively, and saying negative things. As a result, you automatically receive more of the negative, especially if you are thinking about something specific.

I realize there are many things to complain about, and it’s something very easy to do. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t complain at times. I don’t like to, but it happens sometimes. However, I do it far less now, because I am much more aware of its negative impacts.

So how do you change the negative situations in your life? Do exactly the opposite. There is a silver lining in everything. Try to find it, and focus your thoughts on it. Look for and recognize all other things in life that are positive, and those you can be thankful for. The results are the opposite of complaining. When you think positive thoughts and say positive things, you receive more of the positives in your life.

There are two ways to determine what kind of thoughts you are thinking. I wrote about this yesterday, and the opening quote relates to it. How are you feeling? If you are feeling good and joyful, it means you are thinking positively. If you are not, then you are most likely thinking negative thoughts. When you change the way you feel about something, you see the results in your life. Speaking of results, that’s the second way to tell what thoughts you are thinking. If you are seeing positive results, it means your thoughts and feelings are on track. If you’re not seeing the results you want, then check the way you are thinking, and the words you are saying and make any necessary adjustments.

I fully understand things don’t always go our way in life and that negative things happen to us, some of which we have no control. However, in most cases we do have control. I challenge you to think twice before complaining. You will find the same results as my friend, whose situation kept getting worse. Instead, focus on the solution and visualize the positive outcomes you desire. Then go get ’em. Have a spectacular day : )

A Quick Recipe For Success

March 9, 2013

“You can move much more swiftly and effectively toward the joyous success you seek in life by giving your attention and emphasis to the way you want to feel, or to your state of being, rather than to the action”. – Jerry and Esther Hicks.

As I asked for divine guidance for my day today, I was led to this quote. And it’s amazing how, when I am led to a particular quote, it’s along the same lines as other quotes I’ve been led to. In other words, God is trying to tell me something!

For several years, I have read about the importance of monitoring my feelings and my state of being. I strongly believe in this philosophy. It’s a simple fact that the more positive you feel, the more you open yourself up for blessing. When you feel negative about something or someone, the negativity only increases, and things get worse. I completely understand that you can’t have positive feelings all of the time. You can’t be expected to. Bad things happen, and it is natural to feel bad or sad when they do. However, the key is to replace the negative thoughts with positive as soon as possible.

I often share in this blog how important it is to maintain positive thoughts. Your feelings and emotions are the indicators to use for how positive your thoughts are. If you are feeling good and happy, you are thinking positive thoughts. If you are down and out and not feeling well mentally, it is an indicator that you need to change your thoughts.

Another part of this quote I find important for success is about state of being. When you feel the state of being you would have if you already reached your goal, you are helping to bring it into your life. For example, if you are seeking greater health, be healthy. Deliberately eat more healthy foods, do more exercise, and feel the extra energy. If you want more wealth, feel wealthy. Treat yourself to something good and be thankful for all the things you already have. If you are seeking a new relationship, be the ideal partner that anyone would want to be with. Whatever it is you are seeking, be the person you would be if you already had it, and act like it’s already yours.

The part of this quote that may bother some is the part that says to feel and be rather than acting. I can certainly understand that because many people feel like they have to do something all of the time. It’s also true that, if you want to accomplish something, you have to take some action. I believe the authors of this quote are not advising you to avoid action. Instead, they are saying to feel and be first. When your emotions are as positive as they can be, and you are being the person you desire, it is much easier to take action, and the action you take is so much more effective.

I will provide a short example. Let’s say you have a goal to lose 20 pounds. You will not accomplish it by just sitting around and thinking about it. However, the first thing to do is to picture yourself at the ideal weight. Think of how much better you look. Reflect on how much better you will feel about yourself. Imagine doing things you want to do that you can’t do now. When you do that, your emotions automatically become more positive. At this point, you begin attracting success to you. Now, look in the mirror and see yourself as healthy. Repeat to yourself how great you feel. Even though you’re not there yet, your subconscious mind starts to take hold of it. Now you believe you can lose the weight and be healthier. When this happens, you are driven to take actions to match the picture in your mind. You automatically think, “what I can I do to get me to my goal”? You think of eating healthier, going for a walk, taking vitamins, or whatever. Since the picture in your mind has changed, you take the actions necessary to make it come true. So you do eat healthier, exercise, etc. Then when you see the weight coming off, you are only inspired more until it happens.

I challenge you to focus on the aspects of feeling and being. Feel as good as you can as much as you can. Be the person you want to be, living life as much as you can as if you already have what you want. Then take any necessary action you are inspired to take. If you follow this formula, you will see the blessings in your life multiply, and you will continuously reach your goals. As always, I invite you to share your success stories here. Have an awesome day!