A Dose of Inspiration and Motivation

March 25, 2014

The other day, a friend from work sent a video to inspire the staff. I am always one that enjoys these positive boosts, being that I often like to be the one that provides these messages myself.

I watched the video she sent, and although it was well done, it really didn’t strike me, and I was disappointed that I didn’t receive the promised inspiration. However, there was a list of similar videos, and that’s where I hit the gold mine.

So now I play my part in forwarding the daily pick-me-up to you. You may recognize some of these movie scenes. Even if you don’t, I believe they will quickly be entrenched into your mind. I invite you to watch, enjoy, and be inspired. Have an excellent day!

A Writing Dream Realized

September 6, 2013

Isn’t it always wonderful when you can check something off the bucket list? I had one such moment last night, and I am still feeling the high of it today.

I have been writing publicly for 5 years through various blogs. A few years ago I completed my first e-book, which was a major accomplishment in itself. However, it mostly sat on a site unnoticed as I hadn’t yet figured out the strategies to market and sell it. Life got busier, so I just put it on the shelf for a while, then posted it publicly for free to receive feedback and to use it to help others. I was told by several people whose opinions I value highly that this book should be published and sold. Once again I looked into taking this route.

A couple of months ago I took the time to research how to make this happen. Extra time was still short, but I arrived at the point where nothing was going to get in the way of making this happen. I realized how easy it was to get this e-book published on major platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Or was it? This un-technically savvy person struggled to get even the basics down, and was stuck again. I got so frustrated that once again, the publishing dream was put on hold. I must say that I am not one to give up easily. I had other important things in life to tend to and didn’t always have the full opportunity and time to spend pursuing this. However, where I often go wrong is that I am slow to ask for help. Many people around me are less technical than I am, so using their help was not an option. However, I waited way to long to find and solicit others.

Finally, a few weeks ago I was introduced to a site called Fiverr. It’s a site where people will perform any type of service for $5. I checked it out, and sure enough found someone who was willing to do all the formatting and technical adjustments that I couldn’t do for $5. Someone else at another site had offered $40, but I didn’t have that extra in my budget at that time, so I held off. A $5 price was a steal. The quality of work I received was top-notch, and my problems were solved.

When my book formatting “passed the test”, it was very easy to complete the publication process. Now, as I write this, my dream of being a published author has come true.

I share this as a reminder that dreams can always come true. Sometimes it takes a little longer than it should, but it can happen if you have faith and persistence.

If you would like to check out the finished product, you can click on the link below to the sales page which includes a link to the e-book.

30 Days To A More Powerful Life

Here’s to hoping your dreams come true as well. Enjoy the blessings : )