How To Gain Ultimate Success

March 23, 2013

“The value of the individual life is not measured by the quality of possessions, but by the quality of existence”.

The above quote is by Christian Larson in his book “The Ideal Made Real” (p. 109). It is easily one of the best of many books I’ve read on personal development. I’ve read it several times, and it seems like each time, a different part of it catches my attention.

What is the significance of the quote? Based on the other information in the chapter, he is saying that instead of striving to achieve “things” and material success, it is far more important to strive to be the absolute best you that you can be. We are all blessed with different personalities. Knowing this, let your unique personality shine as brightly as it can.

I will share more quotes from the chapter that I believe can bring the point across far better than I can…”to find your personality passing through a transformation process, bringing out into expression the finest and best that you can picture in your ideals is something that will add immensely to the joy and worth of living. In fact, this alone would make life not only worth living, but so rich that every moment would become a source of unbounded satisfaction itself” (p.110).

I will add one more…”the average person usually asks himself how much money he can make during the next ten years, but why should he not ask how much happiness he can enjoy during those same years, or how much brilliancy he can develop in his own mind or how much more beautiful he can become in body, character, and soul? He would find that by living for these latter things, he would not only perpetually enrich his life and live a life that is thoroughly worth living, but he would find that the earning of money would be much easier than if he simply lived for material gain alone”(p.110-111).

Once again, the message is this. Focus on being the best person you can be at all times. See the beauty in the unique personality God has given you. Constantly remind yourself that His perfect and loving spirit is a part of you. Be love, beauty, kindness, joy, and all of the other fruits of that Spirit.

When you are the best you that you can be, you are setting yourself up for success. You are more attractive and positive, and you will be drawn like a magnet to positive and successful situations. You will have the confidence to act and take full advantage of the opportunities. Most importantly, you will enjoy a life of happiness, satisfaction, and success. That’s a life we all strive to live. Enjoy those wonderful blessings : )

As a footnote, an acquaintance of mine provided me a free copy of the e-book I mentioned above. If you would like a free copy for yourself, leave a comment or contact me, and I will be happy to share. The book has helped my life immensely, and I believe it will help you in the same way : )

A Great Reason To Be Thankful

December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving here in the U.S. was almost 3 weeks ago, yet the hangover still lingers. I really believe God is trying to tell me something because everywhere I look, the subject of gratitude shows up.

I have many reasons to be grateful in my life, and I must say that I take time to thank God for the blessings I receive. However, as I study further, I find that I am not doing it enough. It’s amazing how many things we have to be thankful for in our lives. Yet how often do we get caught up in the fast pace of life that we accept our victories without acknowledging where our strength and power came from.

In the weeks since Thanksgiving, I have taken deliberate time throughout the day to thank God for even the smallest blessings. Examples are things as small as finding a close parking spot at a busy mall; making all the green lights instead getting stuck at the red ones; How it rained for my whole drive to work, then stopped when it was time for me to get out of the car. Then I thought of other things I take for granted. Things like running, hot water; not only food on my table, but a choice of what that food is; the fact that I have two cars that work well, along with excellent health.

The list can go on and on. Hopefully the same is true for you. I challenge you to look for things, even the smallest ones, that you can give sincere thanks for. When you do, you will maintain a positive attitude, and you will set yourself up for greater blessings.

The clincher for this philosophy came when I was reading a book by Christian Larson called “The Ideal Made Real”. There is a chapter on gratitude, and the author makes the following statement: “the soul that is always grateful lives nearer the true, the good, the beautiful, and the perfect than anyone else in existence, and the more closely we live to the good and the beautiful the more we shall receive of those things” (p. 65).

I don’t know about you, but I want as much as the good and the beautiful as I can get. And if the way to experience those things constantly is to be thankful for my blessings on a regular basis, then count me in. The same is true for you. Be grateful for even the smallest blessings, and you will experience great victories and miracles. That is definitely something to be thankful for. Enjoy the blessings : )