I Have PMS… And It’s a Good Thing

December 23, 2013

I have a confession…My name is Joe, and I have PMS. Yes, Joe is a guy’s name, and I am a guy. I can understand what you’re thinking. You’re a guy so how could you…? What do you mean? Huh?

Please allow me to explain what I mean, and why it’s a good thing. I’m not talking about THAT PMS. What I have is Positive Mental State. It’s a good thing because the more positive my mental state is, the more I open myself for blessings, and the more of a blessing I am for other people.

Sorry ladies, I don’t mean to downplay the PMS you regularly experience. I would never do that since I can never understand what you go through. I only see what it does for the three females that deal with it every month in my house. However, this message is for everyone. The more positive mental state you put yourself in, the more you reap positive benefits.

I once read a quote from Wayne Dyer that said when you are in a positive mental state, you not only affect your own life, but you can potentially affect hundreds or even thousands of other lives in a positive way. I can’t pinpoint the truth of this statement with exact statistics. However, what if it’s true? The possibility alone is enough to make me want to keep myself in PMS as much as possible.

Another great mystery I’ve learned is this…we are all connected in this world. God’s Spirit is within every one of us. We are all part of the One Spirit of all. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense that if a part of the whole is increasing in positivity and greatness, that it would affect the other parts? When you enhance the part of the Spirit that is you, you ultimately enhance the whole since you are one with it. That positively affects the other parts. That’s why I take Mr. Dyer’s statement as completely true.

Once again I will say that I cannot take away the negative effects of the physical PMS. However, I can promote the positive ones. Keep yourself in a positive mental state. You will reap the benefits in your own life, and will create a ripple effect of blessings for many others. Enjoy : )