The Key to Maintaining Peace in Your Life

One of the things that every person in this world is seeking is peace. When we have peace in our lives, we feel, well…peaceful. Now that we’ve completed our rocket science lesson, allow me to dig a little deeper into this. The definition of peace is “freedom from disturbance; tranquility.” Another is “mental calm; serenity.”

I wish I could tell you that there is a way to feel peaceful all the time. However, that is not possible. Jesus himself tells us that, at times in our lives, we will have trials and disturbances. However, I can tell you that there is a simple way to increase and maximize the level of peace in your life. Isaiah 26:3 says, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Another version says, “Perfect, absolute peace surrounds those whose imaginations are consumed with you; they confidently trust in you.”

So what’s the key to great peace in your life? As the verses say, the key is to keep your thoughts fixed on God. Consume your imagination on God and His presence, love, power. When you know God is with you, you know you are protected and guided. When you focus on His love, your cravings for love and appreciation are automatically satisfied. And when you focus on His power, you know you can do all things in His strength.

I have seen this proven many times in my own life. When things get chaotic, crazy, and seem out of control, I realize that I am not focused on God. I am instead focused on the circumstances and what could go wrong. The opposite is true as well. As I reflect on the greatest moments and times of beautiful peace in my life, I realize that those are the times where I was closest to God, and my thoughts were mostly focused on Him and His presence, love, and power.

The key is to stay in communication with God throughout the day. Take times to deliberately stop and pray. For me, that time is my 25 minute ride to work. The radio is off, and I spend the time speaking my heart and listening for any thoughts and ideas. For many, either the time immediately after waking up or right before going to sleep is a great time to meditate and pray. Then whenever you can throughout the day, in as many circumstances as possible, seek God and focus your thoughts on Him. I can tell you from experience that this brings amazing peace. I share this and more in my book 30 Days to a More Powerful Life.

As you can see, experiencing and maintaining peace in your life does not have to be difficult. Keep your thoughts focused on God, and seek His presence, guidance, and excellence. The Bible promises that when you seek Him you will find Him. And when you find and seek Him first, all else is added unto you, including a peace that surpasses all understanding. Enjoy the blessings 🙂

4 Responses to The Key to Maintaining Peace in Your Life

  1. If you are interested, I keep a daily Dream Journal with all my conversations with God, and every Scripture that occurs on the same day, affirming what I believe. It is amazing how Synchronicity of the Holy Spirit applies every day. My Prayer is “Peleh Yo’etz, grant me Your Peace. Amen.”

    Timing, Purpose and Knowing The Counsel of God

  2. daad sonia says:

    How would I know that God is watching over me, he is listening because God is an invisible and unreachable entity, we seek God though many ways but how would I know He is with me! Because I have been praying and calling upon him….and it’s has been a long time I see many things syncs but how to be sure that I am on right path, I don’t need to worry, because all I have been seeing is problems and problems! How would I know that guides are actually guides not my illusion?

    • joedalio says:

      First of all, thank you for the wonderful comment! How do we know God is with us? This may not be the answer you are looking for, but we actually don’t know. However, we believe and have faith. Unfortunately, we are told there will be problems and trials in our lives. However, I believe we are also promised that He will always be with us and us for us, not against us. Over the years, I have found that my faith is rewarded with blessings far more than having to deal with negative situations. Even when the difficult times arrive, He proves time and time again that he is there guiding me through. And I believe He will do the same for you. I will pray that He works on your behalf 🙂

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