Using Mental Capacity to Enhance Spiritual Capacity

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There are several Bible verses that stand out to me as being hard to believe, but powerful once I do believe it. One such verse is John 14:12, which says “whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” For a long time, I questioned this. How could I do greater works than Jesus? No one can do that! However, over the years I have learned that if the Bible says it, it’s true. And, it’s Jesus Himself who said it!

This is a hard concept for many people to grasp. The struggle is the same as it was for me. After reading about all of the great miracles Jesus did, it is just too difficult to imagine myself or anyone doing greater things. However, here is how it happens… Because Jesus went to the Father, He sent His spirit to us. This spirit is the very spirit of God. The great thing about it (one of many great things) is that this spirit is everywhere all the time. During His time on earth, Jesus in His human form had the same time and space limits as we do. However, this spirit of God lives in us, and it moves with us wherever we go. It’s power is omnipresent and without limit, so there is nothing it can’t do!

The bottom line is that our spiritual capacity is unlimited. We can do all things through this spirit. We have everything we could ever need through this same spirit. That is a fact that is outlined in many different places in the Bible. So why do we seem to lack the power we need? Why don’t we see more of this power in action in our lives? It is simply because of a lack of belief in it. What we need to do is to open up our mental capacity to free the unlimited spiritual capacity. We need to believe that we walk in unison with the unlimited, omnipresent spirit of God.

You may be asking now, OK, great! This is great to know. But how do we use our mental means to unleash the unlimited spiritual power that’s in and around us? I believe there are many ways. However, here are the main ones that work for me and have really brought a greater awareness of and has helped to maximize the great power of God that is available to us. I have included links to articles I have written about each in case you would like more detailed information about them…

  1. Get to know the word of God. This is important, and will help even more with the other ideas I will mention. The more you know what God says about you, His truths, and His character, the more your faith is developed. I suggest a New Testament reading plan to get started (there are many great Bible apps that have these), or whatever works best for you. The more you learn about the words and messages of the Bible, the more empowered you will be.
  2. Positive Affirmations. – Affirmations are words and phrases you repeat to yourself on a regular basis. As you continue to say them, they start to sink in to your subconscious mind. They replace any negative, untruthful thoughts, and you start to believe them. And as you believe them, you act on them.Your current beliefs were formed by words that were repeated by others or yourself. In this case you’re just doing it deliberately with thoughts that you want to believe.
  3. Hypnosis – I will be writing more about this topic in the near future. In the past, I have used hypnosis to make positive life changes. I have recently re-discovered its power and benefits, and it can really be used in a positive way to change your thinking and develop the faith necessary for an empowering life.
  4. Visualization – This is another form of hypnosis, it’s just usually done in a more awake state. Like hypnosis and affirmations, the goal is to change the dominant thoughts of the subconscious mind that ultimately determine your actions.

A very effective practice I have learned is to combine your knowledge with the powerful word of God with some of these mind altering methods. Constantly repeat some of your favorite Bible verses. Visualize yourself being empowered and making great impacts by utilizing some of the great ideas of the Bible. See yourself accomplishing great things in the power of the spirit.

I will say once again that your spiritual capacity is unlimited. The key to maximizing that unlimited power is getting your mind right, and using its capacity to align with the spiritual. That allows you to do even greater things than Jesus. Enjoy the blessings 🙂

20 Responses to Using Mental Capacity to Enhance Spiritual Capacity

  1. Mini B says:

    Inspirational as always…waiting for your next post, Joe. Would love to know more.

  2. rkcdlitt says:

    I will attempt this. When Jesus said we will do greater things, I believe that we have a greater opportunity to pass His light to others than He had in His time on earth.

    • joedalio says:

      Yes, I definitely agree with your statement that we have a greater opportunity to pass on His light. And I share this information because it has worked very well in my life. I’m sure it will for you too 🙂

  3. These are awesome ways to activate our faith in God’s power for our lives! I enjoyed your diverse list of options to align with that power. Have you discovered the main obstacles that keep us from activating our power?

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you for the kind words. The obstacles you mention are most often negative thoughts and mental blocks that prevent us from having the necessary faith to accomplish our goals. In some ways, these processes that I mentioned help remove those. Perhaps I should write more about that in the near future 🙂

  4. juliearahm says:

    Put faith into action. We need to believe and envision as already having received. The challenge for me comes when something triggers an emotion, having a flashback to a different moment in time. The past, I know is gone, nothing can be changed. That is where the negative thoughts start to filter in and I know I have not fully healed or forgiven. Receiving His goodness and His grace becomes more challenging for there are feelings of not being worthy enough. I know this is a lie, so all the more reason for positive affirmations and be reminded of whose daughter I am. A child of God. When I look at and love myself as He loves me, I know I am worth it and begin to see my life changing😇

    • joedalio says:

      Wow, you have so many gems of info here! Thank you for adding it. For me, the key is in your first sentence. Putting faith into action. I know it’s truth, yet it still continues to be a major weakness of mine. However, I’m better at it than I used to be. We just need to cherish each victory, no matter how small 🙂

      • juliearahm says:

        Putting faith into action came to mind right away as that is often times the phrase we hear and reminded of when we attend mass. It’s kind of engrained in me now ❤️ Words to live by, I know. The size of the victory is not as important as the gains we are making and growing in our faith, becoming more like Him 🙏🏼

  5. Terriberry says:

    Good read and post.
    Thanking you.

  6. Bob Wheeler says:

    I think the problem here is that you’re attempting to combine biblical Christianity with what is essentially a secular, humanistic, self-help philosophy that relies on our “capacity” (natural faculties and abilities). The Holy Spirit then becomes the “spirit” (lower case), and you rely on “mind altering methods” such as “Positive Affirmation,” “hypnosis,” and “visualization.” But what the Bible actually says is that without Christ we can do nothing (the Vine and the branches — John 15:1-8), God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness (II Cor. 12:7-10), God resists the proud but gives strength to the humble (James 4:6-10; I Pet. 5:5-7), and that we are not to glory our own wisdom and strength, but in knowing God (Jer. 9:23,24; Zech. 4:6). We are to put our trust in God, not ourselves.

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you for the excellent comment. In essence, you are correct. I’m trying to show that all of these ideas are the same whether you look at it from a Biblical view or world view. I see using our “capacity” as using our God-given free will to keep our thoughts focused on what is good, noble, and praise-worthy. I believe we combine this with the spiritual guidance that only God and His Spirit can provide.

  7. Thank you very much for sharing your insights through this wonderful article! 🙏🙏

  8. An extraordinary creation of yours 🙏

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