A Christian Atheist?

Wow, Facebook has been providing a bunch of writing memories lately. My previous post was based on a quote I had shared several years ago. Today, I was shown an article I had written on the same date in 2010. I wrote this on another site I wrote with before this one. I found it interesting as I read it, so I decided to share it here. Is there really such a thing as a Christian atheist? Find out here…

There are certain things that don’t go together in this world. For example, in our country there are no Republican Democrats. There are other examples to continue this little game: rich poor people; people that love the Yankees AND the Red Sox; country city slickers, etc. There are very few, if any that would fit into both of each category.

So what about my title? Do Christian Atheists exist? I will take the cop-out answer of yes and no. Now some of you are already thinking I’ve flown off the deep end. There’s no such thing, you say. Partially true, I reply. But there’s more to this story.

First, let’s define both words. What is a Christian? The obvious answer is someone who believes in Jesus Christ, that he died on the cross, and was resurrected on the third day. Of course, there is much more to it, but that’s the basic definition. An atheist, as defined by dictionary.com, is a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. So how can we have both at once?

I will answer that shortly. My main point is that I am reading an excellent book called “The Path to Prosperity”, by James Allen. It is an incredible book about the effects positive thinking can have on our lives. However, it is the powerful statement of negative thoughts that really gets my attention. He says, “where there is fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, trouble, chagrin, or disappointment, there is lack of faith….to fear, worry and doubt is to deny, to dis-believe. (p. 36) Wow! Did he really say that?

At first, I had the inclination to throw the book down. I couldn’t though because it is an e-book, and the whole computer would go with it. Besides, I’m not one for losing my temper anyway. However, as I thougth about this more, I realized how right the author is. We are commanded throughout the bible to have faith. There are countless stories about miracles that happened because of one’s faith. There are also many verses commanding us not to worry, create anxiety, or dwell on negative circumstances.

I am a Christian. I think I’m a pretty good one too. However, after reading this, I humbly realize I am part atheist. Every time I worry, doubt or fear, I am saying I don’t believe in the power and miracles God has for me. I am saying Jesus died in vain for me. I am saying it is more important for me to dwell on negative thoughts than to pray with faith for positive results. If I were God I would be seriously offended! Fortunately, He is very forgiving, and it is me I am hurting, not Him.

Once again, these words hit me hard and really made me think (that’s the sign of a great book in my opinion). It is as I make a much greater effort to focus my thoughts on the positive blessings God has for me that I share this with you. I am not here to call you an atheist. However, it is my desire to remind you again of: the power within you; using that power to be a blessing to others and making a difference in this world; and focusing faithfully on God and the blessings he has for you. I want to be known as a faithful, believing Christian. Hopefully you do too : )

Have an excellent day!

8 Responses to A Christian Atheist?

  1. juliearahm says:

    Amazing how easy it is for us to let negativity take over in our thoughts, our hearts, our minds. I know how challenging this can be to overcome, let go of, have faith and Give it to God.

    For a little over the last week, this was brought to my heart, mind and thoughts as well. As I work towards becoming a better Christian, how is it I let worry and fear take over rather than having peace in my heart?

    God’s got this, I know, yet I cry out to Him on my most challenging days. When the storm passes and I reflect on the moment, I’ve realized He wants me to keep coming to Him, pouring my heart out so I may heal and let of what’s burdening me in my life.

    Draw near, yes, of course!! He wants this from me. He wants me to deepen and strengthen my trust and faith in Him to move more confidently in life.

    He is with me at all times, I know. I am learning. I am growing. Through our trials, errors and mistakes, we learn so much about ourselves and how great God’s love is for us ❤️🙏🏼❤️

    • joedalio says:

      Amen! Your words are indeed very true. I would often feel guilty for the negative thoughts and fears etc. However, I know he understands and will comfort me every time I run to him. The same is true for you. It seems to be a daily lesson 🙂

  2. jakemwaniki says:

    It is so insightful.

  3. Paola K says:

    Hi Joe 😊 James Allen is a brilliant author. Incredible that his words are still very relevant today. I can relate, I sometimes think I am a catholic-atheist… I believe and have faith in God , in Jesus Christ and I think there is so much truth in the bible,but I don’t agree with how the catholic church has been managing its power in some cases.You do a great job in putting this contradictory elements into perspective. The wonderful message is that faith prevails above all 🌱 Thank you! Greetings🇨🇭🇲🇽

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you! As always, I appreciate the comment and kind words. It’s so true that faith always prevails above all. The key is thinking faith over fear. It isn’t it always easy, but it gets easier the more we practice it. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  4. All excellent and valid points! Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your experience. And I’m glad your blog isn’t about pies. 🙂 Warm wishes —

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Nothing against pies, but I figured this info may be a bit more healthier 🙂 Have an excellent day!!

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