Let Faith Prevail

Earlier today, I was going through some memories on Facebook. A year ago, I posted an amazing quote that a friend had shared. This is what it said… “if a microscopic virus can do this much damage, imagine what mustard seed sized faith can do.”

Unfortunately, there was no name credited to that amazing quote. I found it a year ago, as the shock of our world shutting down was still settling in. I will first say that what I am about to share is in no way attempt to downplay the virus that has changed our world. My family and I have been extremely lucky that none of us has had the virus, nor have we lost anyone close to us because of it. However, I do know that many other people are not so fortunate, and as much as possible, I want to be sensitive to that.

As I reflected again on the days that led up to our world shutdown (I’ve been doing that often lately as we’ve been at the one year mark) and those in the early weeks of it, there was one word that stood out to me during the entire time…shock. I was shocked that for the first time in my lifetime, we were facing a global pandemic. I knew it was real, but it also shocked me of how our society succumbed to this disease in fear. Even with this virus upon us, I never in a million years thought our whole world would shut down. Looking back, it appears that we probably needed to. However, I was still shocked, upset, a bit angry, and feeling a number of other emotions during this time as I watched those in the world live in fear of a microscopic virus. People were overtaken, brainwashed, and influenced by everything from news media, social media, politics, as well as family and friends in their own circles.

If I’m being honest, I will certainly admit that I had my times of fear and doubt as well. However, it seems like every time I did, God provided another reminder of His presence. I was shown Psalm 91 on numerous occasions in a short period of time. This Psalm specifically says that those who rely on God will be protected from every deadly disease. Other Bible verses assured me that God was with my at all times. I believed that my family and I would not be affected by this virus, and even if we were, we would still be protected and healed quickly. It was this quote that ultimately put me in a place of confidence and faith.

I share this with you now not to brag about how blessed my family and I are and have been with this (and everything else). Instead, I am reminded again that we have two main choices in life. Fear and Faith. We can allow “microscopic viruses” or imagined worries to turn our worlds upside down and do damage to our relationships, careers, and general enjoyment of life. Or we can make the other choice. We can have faith instead. God promises that if we have faith even the size of a mustard seed (the smallest seed that produces one of the biggest harvests) and have amazing impacts in this world.

Which would you rather experience? I understand that it’s often easier said than done. I’m still good at allowing difficult circumstances to steal my joy and keep me awake at night. However, I have learned that the more I have faith in God and His promises, even if it’s just a little, it makes a major difference in the level of peace, satisfaction, and success in my life. Let us not allow the invisible, microscopic seeds of doubt and fear to upend our lives. Instead, let us plant those mustard seeds of faith that flourish into amazing fruits of excellence and success in life. God is with us through it all, and with Him there, you can only succeed. Enjoy the blessings πŸ™‚

15 Responses to Let Faith Prevail

  1. Very good reminder of the presence of the Lord.

  2. Maddy Coope says:

    Fear or faith – easy to say which one we should choose, but when when fear rears its ugly head it can be a challenge to keep the faith.

    • joedalio says:

      So true that it’s easier said than done, and it is very easy to fear when things get difficult. That’s the natural tendency, right? The key is to make faith a habit. We’ll never perfect it, but it does get easier πŸ™‚

  3. rkcdlitt says:

    My family also has been blessed by God. My son-in-law contracted a very mild case of Covid, which alarmed us because he had a lung injury during the Gulf War of 1990. I do however have many friends who have had loved ones contract the disease. I agree that we choose between faith and all else. I choose faith.

  4. juliearahm says:

    In life, we have choices. As you have well articulated here, we can choose to live by faith or live in fear. For many days, I felt my body becoming paralyzed to the fear of the unknown. Our world, our lives, in a state of shock. I wanted so badly to know, trust and believe we would all get through this together and be okay, but I doubted.

    Attitude is everything, I know. Again, I have a choice to make. I can set my mind on, trust in and believe in Him, receiving His goodness, peace and joy in my heart, mind and spirit. Or, live in fear, a world filled with darkness, anxiety, deception, uncertainty, just to name a few things.

    Faith, like that of a mustard seed will grow over time, this I know from experience. My relationship with God has grown stronger over the last 3 years. Trusting and letting go was (and sometimes sill is), a bit challenging for me. The more I let go and let God take over, the more enjoyable my life is. My light shines brighter, there is more happiness from within.

    Nearly a year ago, I had a vision an image about faith and fear. I titled my my blog write up, “Powerful Message Received” (published on July 13, 2020).
    This is the link to the post…

    He speaks to us and through us, with important messages. Thank you for sharing a reflection from last year so we may be reminded of God’s presence and His workings in our lives at all times!

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you for the excellent words. I think trusting and letting go will always be an issue for me. I especially like what you mention in your last paragraph. Half my family is away this week, and it’s only my daughter and I here at home. She has full time school and I am on a break from mine. I am using this alone time to listen for God’s voice and allow Him to speak to me. I can’t wait to hear what He has to say, and I can’t wait to use it for greater impacts. And you must be allowing God to work in you, because your light definitely shines bright πŸ™‚

      • juliearahm says:

        How exciting to have some alone time with Him. I have been wanting and longing to spending more quality time with Him. Our moments have been brief, yet I know He is patiently waiting for me to make more time. Much of this is about balance…family, work/school, health, exercise, and simply just taking some down time. Obedience and discipline, I know I need to work on more of these things.

        I’m hoping the extra daylight and sunshine will encourage me more to sit back, be present, relax and write. Still winter in Alaska and plenty of snow on the ground. Patience, I keep reminding myself. There is a reason and this is all in His timing.

        Keeping God 1st is what I’ve been working on getting better at. Being mindful of my thoughts and working hard to respond rather than react and doing my best in seeing the good in all situations and experiences and thanking Him for all the lessons He brought me. For all those things and more, I am a better person in life. Far from perfect for sure, but He sees my potential, He knows my heart, and He knows I have the best of intentions. I am so grateful to hear you speak that of how my light shines bright. A confirmation I am doing what He needs me to be doing, I am right where He needs me to be.

      • joedalio says:

        Yes, He has us all exactly where we need to be πŸ™‚

  5. jakemwaniki says:

    Faith and hope is required especially during these uncertain times.

  6. Thank God for his protection over your family and loved ones.

    I can relate, Psalms 91 saw me through the period too.

    Sometimes it’s hard to choose faith over fear but in the end, it’s easier to be faith-full than fearful.

    Thanks for these words!

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