A Quick and Easy Way to Increase Your Joy

If you haven’t already noticed, there seems to be a severe lack of joy in today’s world. In some ways, it’s understandable. There is a global pandemic going on that has really stood this world on its head. Jobs have been lost, as well as the ability to socialize and do things that we are so used to doing. I will say though, that this drought of joy has been happening since well before the pandemic. In many cases and many places, people just aren’t happy.

Why is this the case? And what can we do about it? I believe I have a fairly simple solution. You may even think I am oversimplifying this, but I don’t believe I am. Just hear (or should I say read) me out, and you may ultimately see that what I am saying makes sense. Hopefully, especially if you’ve been lacking joy in your life, you can see that it’s very easy to get it back.

The words I share with you are not my own. They come from the Bible, and Psalm 16:11. The verse says, “in your presence is fullness of joy.” One version says “your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.” That’s it. What’s the way to true joy? Simply remaining in the presence of God.

As I reflected on this, I found several examples of its truth. First, it shows why meditation and prayer are so powerful. When you meditate, you are deliberately bringing yourself and keeping yourself in the presence of God. In prayer, you are actually communicating with that presence. I was also reminded of this by some powerful memories. When I was in my mid-20s, I was the co-leader of a youth group in my church. We often had retreat weekends. These times were amazing, and I experienced emotional highs that would carry over for days after these events were over. That’s because, for the entire weekend, myself and a group of about 40 people were all completely focused on the presence of God. When you have a group like that where everyone is completely focused on God, deep, positive emotions run even higher. After those retreats, I felt like I could accomplish anything because I was so aware and confident of God’s presence.

As I reflected on this, I was reminded that I don’t need a retreat weekend to experience this same joy that being in God’s presence creates. I can take the time at any part of the day just to reflect on God’s presence. The more I do this, the more comfort and joy I feel. The same is true for you. If you are lacking joy or looking for more of it in your life, simply seeking the presence of God as often as possible can enable you to experience that joy. I understand that even being close to God doesn’t guarantee all negative situations will magically disappear. Sometimes God brings trials and difficulty into our lives for a reason. However, I can tell you from experience that if you increase the amount of time you spend in God’s presence and deliberately focus on Him and His wonderful love and promises, you will also increase the amount of joy in your life. As I look back I see that the times of greatest joy throughout my life were also the times where I was closest to God and consistently focusing on and living in His presence.

The great thing about this is that, as your level of joy increases, it’s contagious! As your joy level and positive energy increases, it positively affects the energy around you. That means as you are more joyful, it automatically brings greater joy to those around you! You don’t have to say or do a thing. It just happens. I see it in my own life all the time. If I am down and in a negative mood, I seem to get the same negative emotions back from everyone. However, when my joy and overall vibration is positive, I receive so much positivity and joy from other people. They enjoy my company and want to be with me. They laugh at my stupid jokes. They are willing to go out of their way to do things for me. All kinds of positive things happen. And it’s simply because my level of joy is at a high level. And that is a result of quality time spent in the presence of God.

Yes, I believe it is that simple. Again, spending as much time as possible in God’s presence won’t automatically make all of your problems go away. However, it will bring your joy to such a high level that you will look at those problems differently. You will be much less likely to allow them to depress you and instead will help you find the solutions that will ultimately help them disappear much more easily. More importantly, you will enjoy the great things in life so much more, and add a great deal of joy that this world desperately needs. Enjoy the blessings πŸ™‚

12 Responses to A Quick and Easy Way to Increase Your Joy

  1. I find it effective to be unequivocal in this wisdom. It WILL cause “problems” to cease to be. Problems literally become springboards for more joy. As such, how can they be called “problems”?

    • joedalio says:

      Thanks for the excellent comment! You are totally right. It’s only a problem if we see it as such. But that doesn’t have to be. Instead, we can see those situations as opportunity for growth and as you say, “springboards for more joy.” Ultimately, God always has our best interests in mind πŸ™‚

  2. juliearahm says:

    The greatest transformation in my life came when I actually saw myself as God sees me. His unconditional love is greater than any other kind of love I have ever experienced.

    When I learned how much He loves me, I began to love and accept myself for who I am, strengths and weaknesses included. As I began to love myself more fully, I was more easily able to forgive myself, rather than live with guilt and painful memories. No longer did I feel the stronghold, the need to be in control of my circumstance. I knew who was (and is), in control. Once I gave everything up to Him, peace and joy multiplied in my life.

    • joedalio says:

      Amen! Funny I was just thinking about that this morning. I thought of how I struggled so much with self-love. However, it was a matter of knowing He is with me always, and I am created in His image. How could I not love that? Thanks again for the wonderful contribution. Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

  3. jakemwaniki says:

    True. I agree with your post. I am inspired by it.

  4. […] foremost, seek your happiness in God. Spend time in His presence. I recently wrote an article about increasing your joy in life. I wrote that the key to increasing your joy is increasing the amount of time you spend recognizing […]

  5. chaddamitz says:

    Amen Joe. As we labor in prayer, cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, and build our relationship with God, our joy will be abundantly clear to those around us. May the Lord continue to bless you with His joy!

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