I Want To Sleep Like Jesus

An interesting thing happened today. I was reviewing some old articles I had written in the past. I then realized I had some drafts of unpublished articles that I had forgotten about. I came upon this one that I began writing… in 2015!! The article was completely done, but I never published it. Usually when that happens, I believe it’s because God wants to use it for something. I guess it wasn’t supposed to be published until now, and perhaps you are the one who needed to see it! Whether that’s the case or not, I hope you enjoy it…


One of my favorite stories in the Bible is one where the disciples of Jesus are on a boat and caught in a violent storm. They are in a panic and are fearing that they will drown. Amidst the panic, they come to their senses and realize that Jesus can save them. But where is He? In the middle of this storm, they find Him in a corner of the boat…asleep! The disciples wake Him up and ask for His miracle-working intervention. Jesus wakes up, rebukes them for their lack of faith, and immediately calms the storm.

If I was one of the disciples, I am sure I would be wondering…”how could He sleep during this intense storm?” I am sure that is exactly what was going through their minds. However, Jesus challenged them. He asked them why they had such little faith and why they were so afraid. I also believe He provided an example of the faith He was trying to promote. There was chaos. A crazy storm that was about to destroy them. Yet He was sleeping soundly through it all. He KNEW that God had control of the entire situation, and all He had to do was say the word and the perilous situation would be overtaken by the wonderful peace that only God can bring.

As I reflect on this story, I realize that this is the faith I want to have. There will be storms around me. However, if my faith is strong enough, I can sleep peacefully, knowing God will rebuke the storm and bring peace. The same is true for you. You may think Jesus is asleep as the storms rage around you. If so, just wake Him up! Ask Him to calm the storm, and He will respond. Even if it doesn’t immediately disappear, He will provide a peace that only He can provide.

Jesus was able to sleep peacefully as the storms raged around the boat He was on. He had 100% faith that the boat would never come close to going down as long as God had control of it. That is faith that He shared with His disciples, and wants to allocate to us. Know that God is in complete control, and you will sleep like a baby πŸ™‚

16 Responses to I Want To Sleep Like Jesus

  1. HisBeloved says:

    Reblogged this on Mutually Beloved and commented:
    Wow, it’s so wonderful how God can show you something in more ways than one. He had already been speaking to me about letting Him take control then I read this and it confirms what He has been showing me.

  2. Mini B says:

    Right on time again Joe. Storms are appearing around every corner and ths is just what I needed. Thanks for the reminder. Its awesome to know that God is in control and we can be at peace!

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you for the confirmation that this was totally God’s timing! Please know how much your comments and encouragement mean to me. It is very much appreciated. And I pray that those storms disappear quickly or never even materialize. Have an excellent day πŸ™‚

  3. What a wonderful article, rich with insights. “That” is the type of faith I desire to “live” also. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I think of God’s command to labor into His rest… I believe that this command is one of the most important ones to fulfill, following the commands to love God and to love one another. It takes quite a work in the spirit before we can sleep like Jesus, eh?… perhaps that was the reason for the time gap from when you wrote this article and when it got published.
    I nominated you as a candidate for the Mystery Blogger Award. https://ridetheheavens.com/2020/10/11/mystery-blogger-award/

    God bless you Joe,
    Michele Sperber

  5. chaddamitz says:

    Great post! I am glad you decided to hit the publish button and share this bible story on how to apply our faith in difficult circumstances. I know when the storms of life are brewing, we tend to focus on our fear rather than God’s sovereignty and provision over us. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings!

    • joedalio says:

      And I am glad you decided to read and comment! I still need this reminder often myself, as it is easy to focus more on the storms around us. However, God always protects and provides!

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