Powerful Guidance for Meditation – And How to Maximize Its Benefits

Meditation is a mysterious, powerful tool we can use to bring us closer to God and to rapidly manifesting His will for us. For those that don’t really understand what meditation is all about, it brings to mind weird scenes of people sitting cross-legged and “omming” continuously. Although some may meditate that way, and that is certainly not a problem as long as they feel comfortable with that, there is far more to mediation, and what it can do to improve the quality of our lives.

Many people avoid meditation because they don’t truly understand what it is, nor do they understand its amazing benefits. I hope to clarify both of those ideas in this article. Also, I mention mediation as one of the key initial ingredients in the rapid manifestation formula in my book The Ease and Keys of Rapid Manifestation. For me, the best definition I’ve seen for meditation is in one of the best books I’ve ever read called “The I AM Discourses.” This book does a wonderful job of showing us who we actually are, and how to utilize the amazing power within us. I highly recommend you read it. In Chapter 9, it mentions meditation and defines it very simply… “meditation really means feeling the presence of God.” That’s it! I don’t think you can find a more simple, true definition of what meditation really is. That in itself is the whole point. Stilling your body and mind and simply focusing on God and his beautiful presence. If you can spend even a few minutes a day doing that, you will see quick, positive, and powerful changes in your life.

While in meditation, it is important to maintain your focus on God and His wonderful presence. In the I Am book, author Godfre Ray King adds, “when one attempts to enter meditation, he cannot drag all the disturbance that has beset him during the day along with him.” Sometimes this is easier said than done. So the advice given is to “consciously remove from the feeling and attention every disturbing thing, enter into your meditation to feel the presence of God, and do not revolve your troubles.”

This process is so simple and peaceful. You can do it for 5 minutes or 5 hours. You can do it once a day or several times throughout your day. Its main benefits are that it brings you closer to God, which then results in an incredible peace. It helps you realize He is right there with you to protect you and help you accomplish anything. It also brings your mind and emotional vibration to a much a higher state. This is beneficial because as your energy vibration increases and stays in a more positive state, it attracts circumstances into your life that match the high emotional level. Also, those troubles that you are putting to the side as you focus on God and his power, seem to gradually and magically disappear.

Meditation doesn’t have to be a weird, mysterious process. You can use it regularly to bring yourself closer to God, know who you really are, and keep your mind and heart at a peaceful and powerful vibration that attracts excellence into your life. So what are you waiting for? Still your mind and experience the amazing peace and manifestations that meditation brings. Enjoy the blessings πŸ™‚

9 Responses to Powerful Guidance for Meditation – And How to Maximize Its Benefits

  1. Beautiful post! They say that “prayer is talking to God, and meditation is listening to God”.

  2. […] is one way that I anchor myself to the present moment. Simply meditating on the presence of God is an amazing way to feel the peace of the moment. Visualization is another way. I realize that we […]

  3. thomson1972 says:

    I like all the topics of your blog. It is enlightening the spirit. Are you a Psychiatrist or Psychologist??

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you! I very much appreciate your interest. One of my main goals is exactly that… To enlighten the spirit. No, I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. I’m a school teacher for a living. However I have studied the power of the mind, hypnosis, and law of attraction for many years, and have applied those concepts successfully in my own life. I have also lived as a Christian all my life, so I use Biblical guidelines too. My goal is to help others experience the peace and blessings I have. My life is still far from perfect, but I hope to help others learn and grow along with me πŸ™‚

      • thomson1972 says:

        That’s what my goals for my blogging too. I am hoping to help others find their own power to deal stress before leads to addiction or depression. I really your like your blog.I am new blogger so still learning.

      • joedalio says:

        Thats ok. I’ve been on here for several years and I’m still learning too. I will be sure to follow you as well. I look forward to hearing (or should I say seeing)what you have to say πŸ™‚

      • thomson1972 says:

        Thank you I just started last month and it is nice to meet a nice people and positive people to help others. Positive people really bless and fortunate to have in my life. Definitely, I will follow your post and love to share to other what I learn from you.

      • joedalio says:

        Yes we can definitely all help ourselves and be a blessing. Your articles have already inspired me and I thank you in advance for more inspiration πŸ™‚

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