Why Not Me?

The above title is a question that is revolving in my mind lately. I think about it for the goals I have in all areas of my life.

There are people positively impacting thousands of people a day through blogs, books, speaking. Why not me?

There are people enjoying financial freedom, able to help themselves and many others with their resources. Why not me?

There are people with abundant energy all the time. Why not me?

There are people working their dream jobs, with great flexibility of schedule. Why not me?

There are people leading their families to greatness. Why not me?

The list can go on. I am not writing this to complain or be jealous about what I don’t have. In fact, I have at least a little bit of all of the desires I mentioned here. I just haven’t completely reached the level that I want to be at.

The main reason I consider this, is that I feel like God is asking me this question. We often believe we are not worthy to receive what we are seeking. However, I believe God has me asking myself in regards to my greatest desires, why not me?

Are you fighting this same battle today? Do you see others enjoying what you want and feeling like it will never happen for you? If so, I challenge you to ask this question…why not me? Ask a few times, then play the picture in your mind of having the very things you desire (I recommend trying this 5 step visualization process). Feel the corresponding joy, and believe you are just as worthy of having this as anyone else in the world. Once you believe this, it will inspire you to take the action to make it happen. Then the fun starts. Enjoy the blessings 🙂

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