Building a Success Consciousness

A success consciousness is that state of mind in which you cannot see yourself as anything but a success. – Ben Sweetland

This quote really caught my attention today because it combines many of the ideas I’ve learned during my years of study on mind power, success, and manifesting the greatness I seek for me and those around me.

It’s all about doing exactly what the quote says…seeing yourself ONLY as successful. It’s about not taking no for an answer. It’s about faith. It’s about empowering yourself.

How do we develop this type of mindset? By the techniques I’ve learned and written about during the past few years. That is using affirmations, visualization, and the like to program the subconscious to think positive, successful thoughts. Please refer to my other posts for more detailed information about those success-building topics.

I read this quote in Ben Sweetland’s book, “Make Money While You Sleep”. He provides two other suggestions that I will share here:

  1. Have a definite objective, knowing exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Go above knowing it CAN get done and determine a specific plan for accomplishing the goal.
  2. Develop a “do it now” attitude and get started right away. He mentions that once you take action and get started, it is much easier to continue your progress from there.

I know from experience that when you have the confidence from the quote above, the possibility for miracles and blessing in your life is endless. I have found that everything goes smoother, even when obstacles fall into my path. I not only experience more success, but I have greater joy and happiness as a result

This promise is true for you too. Program your mind so that success is the ONLY possible result. There’s no doubt and no way around it. As you continue to experience success, your confidence will grow, and the blessings will only multiply in your life. I am confident that there is no other way 🙂

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