Making Room For The Blessings

December 9, 2013

How much clutter do you have in your life? If you are like me, certain parts of it or certain places are filled with it. Our garage for example, is a disaster area. People have offered us some very nice items that we’ve had to wait or completely reject simply because we have no more room.

Unfortunately, when our lives are filled with too much clutter, the same thing happens. Potential blessings and gifts are lost, literally because there is no room for them. For example, your mind can be cluttered with negative, inhibiting thoughts that leave no room for positive edifying ones.

I am learning more and more the value of removing the old clutter for new blessing. It happens in nature every year. We just went through Fall here in upstate New York. The old, brittle leaves have fallen off the trees. We need to wait several months, but the bareness will soon be replaced with beautiful, green, fresh growth.

I have been reminded often lately that if we want something new in life, we need to get rid of the old. Want new clothes? Get rid of the pile of old, unused ones you have stored away. Looking for more money? Spend and give away (within reason of course) the money you have instead of hoarding it. Want to be happy and free? Get rid of the negative, unforgiving thoughts that are harboring in your mind.

The above examples are a few of many. Regardless of what blessings you want, you need to make room for them. Clear out the stuff you don’t need or that’s holding you back, and you will be a witness to blessings pouring into your life. It’s the way life works. When you give something away, you are making room for more of it to arrive. There’s plenty of room for those blessings to come into your life, as long as you keep making room. It’s a lesson I’ve been blessed to learn. Have a great day : )

If You’re Not In The Christmas Spirit…

December 8, 2013

…you very well might be after watching this video.  Enjoy the innocence, beauty, and kids doing something besides watching TV, playing videogames, or social media.

Have wonderful day : )

Bedtime Lessons From Kids

December 6, 2013

Why is it that kids never want to go to bed? It doesn’t matter that it’s their normal time, or that they are incredibly tired. On many occasions bedtime and getting kids settled down is a difficult time.

Before I reveal my answer, I will say that this doesn’t always go away once we leave childhood. I often stay up later than I should because I simply don’t want to go to bed, even though the stresses of the job and other parts of life have me completely worn out.

So what’s the big deal? Why is it so difficult for kids and some adults to get their already tired bodies to bed? It is simply that they are are fully engaged in the present moment. Think about it. Kids are so engrossed in a fun project, game, or tv show. They are enjoying the moment to the fullest and putting their entire heart and soul into it. Going to bed takes them away from that. It’s the same for me. I often delay going to bed, no matter how tired I am, because I am completely focused on something that I have probably found the scarce time to do. It could be anything from watching or playing a game, working towards my goal, reading, listening to music or a serrmon, or whatever. No matter what it is, I am completely focused and engaged on the present moment, enjoying it to the max.

It has been recommended to me, and I pass this to you, to take this bedtime philosophy and use it throughout your day. Focus and enjoy the present moment completely. Act like it’s minutes before bedtime, and you will delay moving on as long as possible until you have completely lived that moment.

I find that this type of present moment living creates more joy in life, and takes away guilt about the past and fear for the future. You are also more productive because you are completely focused and all of your heart and soul is on the task at hand. There is no room for procrastination, worry about failure, or making excuses.

My bedtime is not for another 12 hours, but I’m moving on to my next project that I will be fully fcoused on as if I had to go to bed in 12 minutes. I recommend living your life in the present moment as much as you can. You will be blessed beyond expectation. Enjoy : )

Can Fear Be A Good Thing?

December 4, 2013

I often discuss in this blog that if we want to accomplish our goals and dreams, it is very important to have faith. I also mention that it is often fear that gets in our way and replaces the faith we are supposed to have. I have often thought..once I remove the fear and replace it with faith and confidence, I can accomplish the goal.

During the past few weeks, I have read some very different information, and it has greatly changed my philosophy. I am reading an excellent book called, “The Confidence Gap”, by Russ Harris. Like many of the books I’ve read, it deals with personal empowerment. However, unlike many of them, it does not discuss the affirmation and visualization techniques I have learned about and used.

The enlightening information that has changed my mental philosophy, is this idea: fear is a natural reaction, and the author explains why it is genetically engrained in us. The author reasons that fear is the completely natural human response anytime we move outside our comfort zone. He recommends that, instead of trying to fight and remove the fear, we are far better off accepting the fear. Then instead of letting the fear control us and move us away from our goal, we can  use this energy in a positive way to move us toward the desired result.

In many ways this goes against everything I’ve been taught. I always thought I was wrong to have fears and that God couldn’t work with me or for me if I did. However, this idea has brought a great deal of peace into my life. Instead of fear being abnormal, I am completely normal for having it. God created me, so He knows my natural response is fear. I realize more now that when I do fear, He simply wants me to rely on Him and channel the energy positively like the author (and God) recommends.

I present this peaceful information and receommendation to you, my cherished reader. If you are feeling fear in a difficult situation, there is nothing wrong with you. It simply shows that you are normal. The key is to avoid letting fear get the best of you. Instead of letting it control you, use the energy it creates, focus on the desired result of the task at hand, and simply go for it and do it.

You don’t think even the most confident people feel fear or anxiety? The athlete batting, pitching, shooting, or defending with the game on the line? The speaker delivering a key speech? The pianist or dancer performing live on stage? They may not show it, but they are all experiencing some fear or anxiety. The reason they may appear calm and confident is because, instead of letting fear get the best of them, they channel the energy correctly and creatively to help them perform their best at the most critical times.

Once again, I challenge you to do the same. Don’t let fear get the best of you. Instead, use it for the good it’s intended for. Use your mind to pray and focus, and use your increased adrenelaine to take positive action to accomplish the task at hand.

Through this I have learned that fear will never go away. I wasn’t ok with this before, but I am now. As long as you don’t let fear get a grip on you and bring you down, you can be ok with this too. Once again, instead of letting it negatively affect you, let it inspire and motivate you to “just do it” and live more of the life you want to live. That is certainly nothing to be afraid of. Enjoy the blessings : )