Making Room For The Blessings

How much clutter do you have in your life? If you are like me, certain parts of it or certain places are filled with it. Our garage for example, is a disaster area. People have offered us some very nice items that we’ve had to wait or completely reject simply because we have no more room.

Unfortunately, when our lives are filled with too much clutter, the same thing happens. Potential blessings and gifts are lost, literally because there is no room for them. For example, your mind can be cluttered with negative, inhibiting thoughts that leave no room for positive edifying ones.

I am learning more and more the value of removing the old clutter for new blessing. It happens in nature every year. We just went through Fall here in upstate New York. The old, brittle leaves have fallen off the trees. We need to wait several months, but the bareness will soon be replaced with beautiful, green, fresh growth.

I have been reminded often lately that if we want something new in life, we need to get rid of the old. Want new clothes? Get rid of the pile of old, unused ones you have stored away. Looking for more money? Spend and give away (within reason of course) the money you have instead of hoarding it. Want to be happy and free? Get rid of the negative, unforgiving thoughts that are harboring in your mind.

The above examples are a few of many. Regardless of what blessings you want, you need to make room for them. Clear out the stuff you don’t need or that’s holding you back, and you will be a witness to blessings pouring into your life. It’s the way life works. When you give something away, you are making room for more of it to arrive. There’s plenty of room for those blessings to come into your life, as long as you keep making room. It’s a lesson I’ve been blessed to learn. Have a great day : )

4 Responses to Making Room For The Blessings

  1. karanglobalseo says:

    You are a spiritually elevated soul. You must be practicing meditation.

  2. sealeychars says:

    Thanks for the post Joe. This is vital for life but specifically as we approach a New Year with new opportunities and blessings awaiting us. Clutter can manifest in so many ways, relationships, personal belongings, old habits and mindsets… I’ve started already. Must admit you got me with the garage because mine is an absolute mess also. But this has spurned me to get it sorted! Thanks again for the post and for dropping by my blog. I’ll definitely be back 🙂

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you for the wonderful comment. You’re right that the clutter can occur in so many more areas than I mentioned. We must be sure to keep them all clean. Likewise, I will be back to visit your excellent blog as well : )

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