Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us

I was sharing some old hockey stories with my daughter the other day. She enjoys hearing these stories because she recently became a die-hard hockey fan herself and appreciates the present and past of this great game.

I grew up a New York Islanders fan (I still am very much a fan today). I became a fan at 10 years old (the same age my daughter is now). At that time in the mid 70’s, they were just getting good and growing into the championship team they became.

I shared some of this story with my daughter. The year was 1980. After two good, but not quite-there-yet seasons, the team won their first division title in 1978, and were the best team of the regular season in 1979. However, in both years they were knocked out of the playoffs early and did reach their championship goal.

In ’80, they started slowly as a discouraged and confidence-rattled team. They ended the regular season well, but the team had actually regressed a bit. That was until the playoffs began. All of a sudden, things came together, and this team started playing to their potential. Fast forward to the semi-finals. They had been here before, but had never advanced to the finals. Now they were one game away, playing in front of their home fans. This scene has stuck with me forever.

After all of the past losses and frustrating ends to seasons, everyone from players to fans just knew they were going to win this game. The fans cheered loudly through the national anthem and never stopped once the game started. Within one minute, the other team scored to go up 1-0. What happened? The fans cheered even louder, and the players played harder. After another minute, it was 2-0. Worried yet? The fans got even louder, and the players played even harder.

At that point the opposing team was stunned. Here they did everything right, yet they couldn’t stop the Islanders onslaught and couldn’t quiet the fans. After that, the Islanders scored 5 straight goals and won the game easily. They went on to win the championship that year, and the next three after that.

I apologize for the long story, but I refer to it often to prove a point. Nothing was stopping that team from achieving their goal. They KNEW they were going to win that game and accomplish it. Early obstacles stopped the progress momentarily, but it was only temporary before they reached the goal.

Things come up in life all the time that can frustrate and discourage us. However, I challenge you to take this same mentality. Focus so clearly and confidently on your goal that no one and nothing can or will stop you. Yes, the cheering in your head may be stopped momentarily, but if you absolutely know that nothing will stop you from getting to where you want to go and you KNOW without a doubt that you will get there, you will. Then you can savor your victory. Enjoy the blessings : )

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