A Law of Attraction Reminder From A Runny Nose

Funny thing (or not so) happened in church on Sunday. I’ve battled a nasty cold all week, and felt significantly better that day. As a result, I was able to enjoy my renewed energy there that morning. However, as the pastor asked us to bow our heads and close our eyes, the remnants of my cold kicked in. It’s kind of gross, but I’ll share anyway. My nose starts to run. I mean, like it’s running away. And I don’t have a tissue.

The last thing I’m thinking about is the pastor’s prayer. I’m thinking…what am I going to do about this? OK, I admit it. The thought did cross my mind. Everyone’s eyes are closed and heads are bowed. No one would know if I used my sleeve. However, I knew God was watching. I didn’t want to gross Him out : )

What next? Well after a few semi-helpful and not so obvious sniffles to keep things at bay temporarily….Two things…one is I began praying. Maybe not what everyone else was, but I prayed for help, and that the pastor would hurry up and finish! Two, I kept thinking about tissues and how I could get one. My daughter was next to me so I would ask her. If not, I would just have to wait and make a mad dash to the restroom and hope that the runny nose wasn’t as obvious as it seemed.

Finally the pastor finished and we were able to lift our heads. I’m still focusing on tissues and asked my daughter immediately. She looked but had none. Now what?? She was smart enough to ask a friend. She had what seemed like a 10 pound bag. However, it had everything but tissues.

So now we are asked to stand. My daughter made me feel a bit better when she said it was not obvious that my nose was running. However, I still needed a tissue and just peacefully waited until the final blessing. As we were asked to stand, a big smile appears on my face. I am now reminded that, during many of these powerful services, people are moved to tears. There are tissue boxes all over the church! I look to the alter (only two rows away) and several full boxes are right there. The final blessing is given, and I make a mad dash to the alter, and….GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!

This may seem like a crazy example, but it further proves the point of the Law of Attraction, and that when we focus our thoughts on something, it comes to pass. In this example, I first prayed for help. Then I visualized the end result. I did not visualize the messy potential. Of course it crossed my mind, but my primary thoughts were on what I wanted…the positive solution of finding the tissues to solve my problem and make me happy.

This is a small example, but it shows that for even something as insignificant as a runny nose things can work out for my best by maintaining the right thoughts. It can work for you in far greater situations too by following this same process. Pray for guidance. Then focus on what you want. Avoid focusing on the negative or the obstacles. Instead, focus on the solution and the realized goal. When you stay focused on that, you will automatically be led to take action. For example, as I focused on the solution of finding the tissues, I was reminded that many tissues are available throughout the church. It was just my job to go get it when the opportunity presented itself.

OK, have I shared enough personal details for one post? You can think of me if this ever happens to you. Seriously, I was reminded of the correspondence of this event to the Law of Attraction, and felt the need to share it with you. I certainly hope my nearly embarrassing situation can help you. Have an awesome day : )

10 Responses to A Law of Attraction Reminder From A Runny Nose

  1. analyticalperspective says:

    I see another lesson that could have been gleaned from this situation. If your nose “had” ran, it would have made a great shame-attacking exercise. You could have learned that the emotion of embarrassment will not kill you and learned to endure the emotion of embarrassment, so that perhaps you might not feel so embarrassed in similar, future situations. I think you’ll like this article. It’s in your tone of writing.

    • joedalio says:

      Thanks so much for your excellent comment. It certainly put a smile on my face : ) I read (and tweeted) the link you included, and I can certainly relate. I have written about the “comfort zone” topic as well. I have come a long way, but sometimes still have to follow this advice better. Have an excellent day : )

      • analyticalperspective says:

        I’m glad I made you smile; it’s a life goal…and we’ve only just met! Lol.

        I know. To think I spent all those years fearful of what other people thought. Hmm.

      • joedalio says:

        So true. By the way…did you happen to peek at my recent drafts? I wrote a post yesterday to be released tomorrow on…what other people think. I invite you to stop by. Hopefully I can put a smile on your face too πŸ™‚

  2. analyticalperspective says:

    I was not aware that there was a “draft” section for blogs…other than mine. Where is it?

    • joedalio says:

      Actually, i was only kidding. You can’t see other people’s drafts. I just made that comment after being amazed that you mentioned the whole “what other people think” thing when i had a pending post for tomorrow in my drafts. Just my weird sense of humor πŸ™‚

  3. Isn’t it interesting that the answer appears when we open our eyes to the possibilities instead of closing our eyes in fear?

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