Logical Affirmation

For some reason I had a mental flashback to my freshman year of college. I was brought back to a logic class that I loved and hated at the same time.

In honor of that, I will share an affirmation based on one of those logic formulas:

A. All things are possible to those who believe

B. I believe

C. Therefore, All things are possible for me

Does this sound logical to you? If so, affirm this several times through the day. You will see a noticeable increase in your faith and confidence. Try it!

Enjoy the blessings : )

4 Responses to Logical Affirmation

  1. Indeed. It does sound very logical. There is great power in just the belief of an idea. We actually only use a very small portion of our brain (5% if I remember correctly). With that in mind consider the possibilities that abound when we believe in something. IMO, all of humanity is connected by energy, this energy runs like a web between us all. When we believe we are manipulating this web of energy thereby influencing whatever cause we seek.

  2. jrmindful says:

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    Logical affirmation.

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