6 Characteristics Of Leaders That Move The Ball Down The Field

I love this post not only because it relates to football, but it can make leaders and winners out of all of us.

Eric Echols

Matt-RyanI know it’s only pre-season football, but the fact that it’s on TV makes me excited for the upcoming season. Tonight I watched Matt Ryan and Joe Flaco successfully lead their teams for touchdowns in back to back drives. Football is the ultimate team sport and can teach us invaluable lessons about life and leadership.

Here are 6 characteristics that every leader must have if they want to lead their team to “move the ball down the field”.

1. They know the end goal

Quarterbacks aren’t on the field simply to complete passes, their goal is to put points on the board every time they step on the field.

Leaders must know what they want. Churches need to know what a win looks like. They need to have a clear vision and a plan on how to achieve it. Knowing what you want is the first step to achieving it.

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