A Quick Lesson In Positive Logic

I will start by saying that I am far from a math genius. It was certainly not one of my stronger subjects in school. However, there is one part of math I always enjoyed. That part is called logic. I was even crazy enough to take a college course on logic. I wasn’t that good at it, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

What’s logic all about? I only remember the basics, but it goes something like this…A-B therefore C. To translate to English, A=I live in Buffalo B=Everyone who lives in Buffalo likes snow, therefore C=I like the snow (yeah, right).

See, I have a little bit of the knowledge left. Please allow me to prove to you that this class was not a complete waste of time. I’ve actually thought a lot about it lately as I go through life, and it’s helped get my mind in the right place. For example….I am a human being; the Spirit of God is in every human being; therefore, the Spirit of God is in me.

It works very well with the things we desire is well…I am a being made up of great energy who attracts other things with great energy; my desire is made of great energy; therefore, I attract my desire.

I apologize if your head is already spinning. Hopefully, you haven’t left the page by now. I just wanted to share that, as sure as these formulas in logic are true, they hold true in all aspects of your life as well. There’s no going against it. So consider this…when you think positive thoughts you get positive results; you are thinking positive thoughts; therefore, you are getting positive results.

There’s no way around this. It’s true. I just wanted to use this college flashback (I took this course almost 30 years ago) to share that God’s laws and the laws of nature are indeed logical and unchangeable. Hold steady to them, and you will be blessed. Does that sound logical to you? Enjoy the blessings : )

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