Sharing One Of Life’s Greatest Illusions

Please allow me to share one of life’s greatest illusions. It’s a 4 letter word that I consider just as bad as those other 4 letter words. What’s the word?

The word is….lack. It’s an idea I’ve often pondered on it when it comes to money, time, faith, etc. Many of you have thought lack when it comes to those things. Unfortunately, it’s a part of human nature.

After being told by a speaker that lack is simply an illusion, I really began to reflect on this idea. Is it a complete illusion? Maybe not. When you look at pictures of starving children and homeless people, the reality of lack is thrown right back at you. I wish I could say that I have answers for those situations, but I don’t.

On the other hand, I believe the idea of lack is one that we are not meant to have. I am talking about lack in terms of the mental perspective we have about it. Think about it. This universe was created with the idea of abundance. There are billions of stars, galaxies, heavenly bodies, etc. On this earth, there are virtually endless oceans, countless grains of sand, and enough money and natural resources to last for millions of years longer.

Since God created this universe and our own planet in the idea of abundance, don’t you think He intends that for your life? I began thinking about this and realized how often I was thinking in my own lack mentality. I was thinking about what I didn’t have instead of focusing on the abundance that I do have. I do have plenty of great things in my life!

The main point I want to share is that God’s mind and His ways are solely based on abundance. He knows no lack. Instead, it’s all about growth and abundance. We should have the same mindset. When we focus on lack, we are taking our conscious thinking away from the mind of God. We let our limited thinking ego get in the way of our unlimited spirit.

I challenge you to change your focus to the unlimited abundance of God. Let your thinking consist of the same idea of endless possibility, blessing, and infinity that your Creator lives and creates by.

When you realize that God is all about abundance and knows no boundaries, you will realize that lack is simply an illusion. It is simply your own mind getting away from where it really belongs…connected to its spiritual source.

I will say that I sometimes still fail this challenge. However, as I have gradually focused more on the concept of abundance instead of the illusion of lack, the abundance of good in my life has significantly increased. The same will happen for you. And that’s as real as it gets : )

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