Dive into the silence in between your thoughts…

I found this excellent meditation and would like to share with you. The main purpose is to increase your awareness of the present moment and focus on who you really are. As the author suggests, the more you do this the more natural it will become.

MindMedicine Blog

This a great practice to transcend ‘thinking’ into awareness- so to enter the here and now, and to become one with this moment….

What is great about this practice is that it helps you to disidentify from your thoughts, and what I mean by this is; it helps you to disidentify your ‘sense of who you are’ out of thought and into awareness- the awareness that is at the heart and centre of everything in existence, the awareness that we all are and everything is…

Firstly get yourself comfy in a position that allows all of your body to be relaxed and effortless (I suggest laying flat on the floor with your arms by your sides so that all your body is in line, and so there is no holding on in any areas), now take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes…

Now relax for a few…

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