I Want To Be Like My Dog

I am very happy that God made me a human being. We have many more powers and are more taken care of than any other creature on this earth. I wouldn’t want to be anything else.

You may ask…why am I saying I want to be like my dog? There’s one characteristic my dog and most others have that many humans have difficulty accomplishing. That trait…unconditional love. When I come home from work or from being out for a while, my dog comes running to the door with a warm, enthusiastic greeting. It doesn’t matter if she’s tired. It doesn’t matter if she had a rough day. It doesn’t matter if I scolded here the day before, or did not provide a great deal of attention. Regardless, the dog comes running and shows me all the love she can.

I challenge myself and anyone reading to demonstrate the same unconditional love as dogs do. Whether it’s been a rough day, or you’re in a bad mood, or the bank account is low, or someone criticized you, or whatever is bringing you down. Do all you can to love others unconditionally, and with the same sincerity and enthusiasm as a dog that’s happy to see you.

When you demonstrate this type of love, two great things happen. One is that you are more at peace with yourself. After all, we are created to love, and we are commanded by God to do so. The second thing is that when you demonstrate sincere, unconditional love to others, it comes back to you multiplied. It’s no wonder people love dogs so much. You will be loved and adored as well.

Who can you love unconditionally today? Find as many people as you can, and show the same love and enthusiasm towards those people as you can. You and they will be blessed in a major way. I ask that you now excuse me. I need to go pet my dog. Have a wonderful day : )

4 Responses to I Want To Be Like My Dog

  1. sharybary says:

    I absolutely love the title! Great words!

  2. Great post, great title!

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