Connect to your Higher Power

I find this to be a great indicator of your spiritual condition. It’s when you are closest to God and seek Him first that great things happen : )

Blogging with Ms. T

Good morning, hope all is well. Some many people don’t know how to get ahead. They may work hard, but get no results. Stop chasing your tail and attract success. Learn how to connect to your higher power because God is in all of us. When I decided to connect to my higher self, I began to attract money, positive and successful people, and a book publisher (didn’t write the book yet). I begin my mornings with a ritual: a prayer, 30-minute meditation, stretch, recite affirmations, write in journal, and drink hot lemon tea. Detoxication is another form of connecting to higher self. Attached is 12 symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. Enjoy your day!

Love, peace and blessings! ❤


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