Why My Mother Is The Best

I wrote this post several years ago on a different site. I felt it appropriate to share here, especially because it’s all still true today : ) ……

With this being Mothers Day, I thought of all of the reasons I appreciate my mother so much. Actually, I lied. I cannot think of all of the reasons because there are far too many to consider. However, here are five:

  • Since the day I was born I have known that I am loved.
  • Most of my best personality traits like patience, understanding, and gentleness come from her.
  • I can talk to her about anything and get excellent advice without fear of rejection or judgement. The best part is that, even though she provides the advice, she always leaves it up to me to make the ultimate decision.
  • She is always there for me and the rest of my family. My kids say she’s an excellent “grammy” too.
  • Because she is Mom.

Simply said, mine is the best mother in the world (feel free to dispute this. I hope you think your mother is the best too).

Thanks Mom for all you do and all you are : )

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