Powerful People

There’s something about meeting someone powerful. Have you ever done so? You may answer yes or no. However, I can answer this question for you. I will tell you that the answer is yes. Who is it? Take a look in the mirror. It is you!

Many of us don’t realize how powerful we are. I am challenging myself and anyone else to not only realize it, but to KNOW it! The power of God dwells in each and every one of us. If we ask Him for it, maintain positive thoughts in our mind, and look for opportunities to do good, the amazing power in us will manifest. You will see great things. You will experience power you never imagined, but have always had.

This reminder has helped me as I am conscious of it during the past few weeks. I challenge you to keep this reminder in the front and center of your mind as well. It’s powerful stuff!!

3 Responses to Powerful People

  1. richcross13 says:

    Thanks for the post Joe. So often we neglect how powerful we are not knowing that God dwells in us all. Keep doing great work.

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