Create Your Reality

It’s always fun watching young people learn things we as adults already know. My 16 year old daughter never had a desire to drink coffee. However, I had an extra, french vanilla induced McDonalds coffee available and she asked if she could drink it. I obliged, and watched as she enjoyed her new experience with something called caffeine.

My daughter enjoyed the coffee, and especially loved the joyous effects the caffeine provided. We don’t allow her to drink coffee on a regular basis, but at certain times we will share some with her. The other day I shared a portion of a cup. There was not enough caffeine in that portion to have much of an effect. However, my daughter doesn’t know that. She just associates drinking coffee (no matter how little) with caffeine and the extra burst of energy it provides. As a result, even though it was only a small amount, my daughter’s behavior was affected as if she had a full cup. It was a case of mind over matter.

Mind over matter. It’s such a key expression. My daughter is so convinced of caffeine’s energetic effects that we could give her a cup of decaffeinated coffee, and she would still act as if she had a cup loaded with caffeine.

It’s amazing what we do when we simply believe something. It happens all the time. People make themselves sick because they think something may be wrong with them. People do stupid things simply because they believe they are stupid. On the other hand, people do great things simply because they think they can. It’s all a matter of what the mind believes.

Knowing this, I remind you that you can use this to your advantage. You can actually change your beliefs to get the results you want. There are two main ways to do this. One is with your words. The more you repeat something to yourself, the more you believe it. This is true no matter how real it is at the moment. My daughter was so convinced of caffeine’s effects that she kept saying how she was starting to feel it. As a result, the thought was ingrained in her mind. Use positive affirmations to constantly drill positive thoughts into your head. You will start to believe it and act accordingly.

The second way is through visualization. Actually see your desires coming to pass in your mind and feel the positive emotions you would feel as if it were actually happening. Once again, this confirms the belief in your mind, and you act accordingly.

I will say again that your mind believes whatever you convince it to be true, even if this contradicts reality. You will act according to those beliefs. Since you have full control, deliberately think thoughts of faith, success, and the way you want things to be. You will eventually see it play out in your life.

I would write more, but I need to tend to my daughter who is a bit out of control from another cup of coffee. I’ll be back later. Have a great day : )

4 Responses to Create Your Reality

  1. sharybary says:

    This helped me TODAY!

  2. Jeff Brown says:

    Good stuff Joe! I talk about Emmet Fox a lot because he was a great writer in regards to mind over matter. Someone once said to him that it is a lie to tell yourself that something is happening that really isn’t & his reply was… “Is it a lie to draw a blueprint of a house that does not yet exist?”. Practicing positive thinking, is designing a positive future! Have a great day my friend & stay positive! 🙂

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