Release Your Burdens

Sometimes there are many burdens that we have to deal with in our lives, and at times we lack the strength and energy to deal with them.

I heard a song today that I hadn’t heard in a while, and it reminded me that we don’t have to handle these burdens alone. The main chorus from this Ryan Starr song says…

“Breathe, just breathe. Take the world off your shoulders and put it on me.”

I don’t know if the artist intended it this way, but it reminds me that when we cast our burdens on the Lord, He handles our difficult situations for us, and we no longer need to spend time worrying about them. He will show us the steps to take, and use it for great things.

I recommend you check out this beautiful video for more on this great message. Have an excellent day : )

2 Responses to Release Your Burdens

  1. Lisette Defoe says:

    Hello, Joe… Just earlier this week i was thinking I havent seen you around in a while. I trust all is well and know that you are releasing those burdens too to the Lord.

    • joedalio says:

      Hello Lisette…I very much appreciate your concern : ) As I mentioned in another post (Beauty), it was an incredibly busy and somewhat stressful week. As a result, I didn’t have as much time to spend here. It’s one of the inspirations for writing this particular post. Have an excellent day!

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