How To Eliminate Your Fears…Now!!!

Fear is the number one thing that prevents us from reaching our goals and taking the steps to bring our life to a higher level. If we let it rule in us, we may never get to the point we want to get to. It especially bothers me because fear is the opposite of faith. When I fear, it means I am not demonstrating faith, thus not allowing the God who can do all things to impart blessing in my life.

You may feel the same way. You want to take the next steps and move to the next level in your life, but some type of fear is stopping you. Perhaps you are afraid you will fail, or you fear what other people might think or say. Maybe you even fear that the goal you are seeking is not even possible, so why even pursue it if you know you will only be let down?

These fears are natural, but I am here to say now that they are totally unnecessary. There’s a God who is in your midst, waiting for you to remove your fear and instead have the faith to know that all things are possible. That time has arrived.

So what’s a great way to immediately eliminate fears? I have learned that the best way to remove your fears is to keep your mind focused on the present moment as much as possible. It seems too simple, but it cannot be more true. What is fear anyway? Fear is simply the worry about something that your mind believes could potentially happen. Has it actually happened yet? No!!! You are worrying about what people MIGHT think, or about what MAY happen. It is all simply a negative process of the mind. In fact the mind is the only place where fear actually exists.

The key is to fully focus on the present moment. When you focus on the present, fear is nearly impossible. The present moment is the only time you actually have. You cannot live a past or future event at this exact moment, can you? Yes, we need to plan for the future. However, when do you do things that affect your future? Now! Anything you do to make up for your mistakes in the past are done now as well. I will say it again…this present moment is all we have.

I understand that there are some fears that are beneficial to us. This is based on things we have learned in the past. For example, I fear touching a hot stove because when I did it before I was burned. I fear going into a dark alley in the inner city because I have heard how dangerous it can be. These are realistic fears. The problem is that most of our fears are simply imagined. It is these fears that hold us back from living the life we want to live.

I challenge you again to live as much as possible in the present moment. Right now, replace those thoughts of worry and fear with thoughts of faith and success. Visualize yourself living the life you choose free of fear. The thoughts you are thinking now play a big part in the way life manifests in the future. In the present moment, your fears have not played out yet. If you stay in the present moment, they will never play out because you are taking the steps towards success instead of retreating in fear.

As always, I thank you for reading. I pray for your goals to be reached and your dreams to come true. Enjoy the blessings : )

10 Responses to How To Eliminate Your Fears…Now!!!

  1. Absolutely Joe!

    Fears are a part of life and most of us face some kind of fear sometime or the other. The only way I see of fighting these fears is to face them boldly, and by taking them more as a challenge – isn’t it? When we face fears – we accept them and are ready to work on them to achieve success.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I completely agree. Instead of letting fears get the best of us, it’s best to face them head on. Eventually, they completely disappear : )

  2. richcross13 says:

    I love this post! I am in total agreement with you…in order to get rid of the fear, WE HAVE TO FACE THEM! Good Job!

  3. Nadyess says:

    Great post! We do have to face our fears in order to eliminate them, but sometimes there are moments when fear can be very difficult to overcome. By reading your post I realized that focusing a lot on what can happen is indeed what makes our fears difficult to eliminate. Those words you wrote:” keep your mind focused on the present moment as much as possible” are so true!! Thank you very much for those inspiring words. Have a blessed week ahead Joe!

    • joedalio says:

      Thank you! As always, I appreciate your comments and encouragement. Believe me, I still have a lot to learn about this topic, but it is my experience that the more I focus on the present, the less likely fear can get in the way. The same is true for anyone. Have an excellent week : )

  4. shrijicharan says:

    Great Post! I will try to practice it. Thanks. Best Wishes.

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