Expect A Miracle

I mentioned in my previous post that my mother in law lost her husband last week. As a way to support her, my family and I decided to join her at her church this past Sunday instead of going to our own. We very much enjoyed the service.

There was one part of this church that stood out most to me. As you walk into the church you see a big sign above the altar. In big letters it says, “Expect a Miracle”. At that instant, this church had my attention for good.

In my opinion, it’s an absolutely perfect message for a church to have. After all, we serve a God who is full of them, so what better place to “advertise” miracles than the church.

I am a firm believer that we receive in life exactly what we expect. If we expect failure, we’ll certainly get it. If we expect greatness and success, we will receive it. I’ve read this in several books, but it says if you were to go and gather water from the ocean, there are several ways you can do it. You can go with a tea spoon, and you will get what you expect. Instead you can go with a cup, or a bottle, or a barrell. Who will get the most water? The answer is obvious. In each case, you will receive the amount of water you expect, based on what you brought to collect it in. the key is for your level of expectation to be high!

I was inspired by that church sign, and now I pass the inspiration to you. Go through life expecting to be blessed, and expecting to succeed. If you expect success you will receive it. Then it has a snowball effect, and your life will be marked with blessings and miracles, all because you had the faith to expect them. After a while, it becomes natural to expect the absolute best.

God always works in great ways. You may not receive things as you expect, and some you may not get at all. However, keep in mind that God has only your best in mind. If you don’t receive one miracle, you will receive something better instead. The key is to believe and expect, and you will receive and be blessed. So what miracle are you expecting? Feel free to share. I will be happy to pray for its manifestation, and enjoy the success with you : )

5 Responses to Expect A Miracle

  1. lisettedefoe says:

    Thanks for asking what you can pray for. Our family is praying for a huge miracle. Our daughter will be going to Youth With A Mission for training for missions in Hawaii this Fall, where she was born when we were in missions ourselves. We long to take her there and be with her the first week and vacation together before she starts her new life in missions. This will take a miracle indeed. We left the mission field 8 years ago and haven’t traveled since.

    • joedalio says:

      Wow, that sounds great! When you put things in God’s hands there’s always a way. I am praying the second I finish this note : )

      • lisettedefoe says:

        Well, Joe… I see you prayed! I received a surprise news today!!! Not the exact answer yet about Hawaii, but my sister msged me today to tell me that she will take care of tickets for me to visit her in the Caribbean. Haven’t seen her in like over 10 years!!! I right away thought… Wow… Here I am praying for a miracle and God surprises me with one I didn’t even dream about praying for to begin with since Hawaii is already so big. I thought about the Israelites when they complained to God saying…well sure, He could split the rocks and give us water, but could He give us meat too here in the desert???? I don’t want my heart to have that attitude. I want to believe God that as He provides for the one thing, He can do for the other. He has surprised us before and I love it. Thank you for praying, I know this will bring you joy also.

      • joedalio says:

        Isn’t it great the way God works? I very much appreciate you sharing this information with me. I am glad God heard my prayers for you. You have also inspired me to pray some big prayers for me too. I will continue to pray for His will for the Hawaii trip you mentioned and for more unexpected surprises for you : )

      • lisettedefoe says:

        Haha. Thanks much.

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