How To Develop Personal Power

February 17, 2013

If only I had the power to……go ahead, you fill in the blank. How often have we desired the power to accomplish a particular goal, or be the person we wanted to be, or have something turn out the way we want it to. It would be nice, right?

I am realizing more and more that this power we are seeking exists, and that we can develop it to the point where we have much more control of the outcomes in our life. So how can we develop our personal power? Here’s a very simple two step formula:

  1. Realize that we already have the power we desire. Luke 17:21 says, “the kingdom is God is within you”. That means that the love, power and grace of God Himself is a part of each and every one of us. Once we start realizing that, we experience a major sense of empowerment! I am not God by any means, yet I am still priveledged to receive the power that He willingly provides. That power is far greater than any evil or any obstacle I could ever face in life. Once you consciously realize that you have this power in you, and around you, your faith and confidence will skyrocket.
  2. Positive affirmations. How do we realize and maintain this power in our conscious mind? We do this the same way we incorporate any other belief in our minds. We repeat it over and over. We do the same with any positive thoughts that we want to be part of our normal thinking. Several times a day, repeat the statements you want to be true, and those you want to see manifested in your life. Your subconscious will eventually believe it, and you will then consciously act upon this confidence.

As you can see, the power to accomplish your goals is not missing in your life. You have the power to complete any task or reach any goal you seek. I will say it again…YOU HAVE THE POWER! It’s a matter of tapping into that power and consciously focusing on it. Pray for the direction on where to go, then seek the Spirit’s guidance, and take action with faith and confidence. Use this power for good, and it can take you anywhere. Enjoy the blessings : )

The Number One Way To Distinguish Yourself

February 16, 2013

Do you ever have days or weeks where certain words and phrases are constantly thrown in your direction? It seems like everywhere you look you see those words. I’ve learned by now that, when that heppens for me, I need to pay attention.

One such word is “distinguish”. I keep seeing this word in books, blogs, tv, my job, you name it. Ok, so God is telling me I need to distinguish myself. So what does that mean? I looked up the exact definition of distinguished, and it says…made easily seen or noticed by excellence. In other words, someone who stands out and rises above the average or just getting by. Instead, they are noticed and known for their excellence.

Wow! I was blown away by that definition. I prayed..ok, God how do I get to that level? I will simply say that when you ask, God answers. He led me to one of my favorite books, “Relentless” by John Bevere. I like to re-read this book every once in a while, and as I did, the words on page 49 jumped out at me. It talks about the story of Daniel in the Bible and how he distinguished himself (that exact word used). It is defined in the book as “he completely outclassed the other leaders”.

If you know the story of Daniel you know how true this is. How did he do it? The answer is a few lines below. It says he was totally connected to God. The book adds, ” he was disciplined in staying in close, continual touch with the Creator.”

Therein lies the secret of distinguishing yourself; of standing out and rising above the crowd. The more you are in touch with your Creator, and rely on the unlimited power He provides, the more you will distinguish yourself. When you “seek Him first” (Matt 6:33), everything else falls into place.

I challenge you to seek and follow your creator today, and to stay in close, continual touch. You will be blessed as a result. Have a great day : )

How Far Can Clear Vision Take You?

February 15, 2013

Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. – James Allen

It helps to have good clear vision in life, doesn’t it? It’s logical that you can accomplish more in broad daylight, being able to see well than stumbling unclearly in the dark.

The opening quote is a strong reminder of the benefits of clear vision. When you envision the successful completion of a goal clearly in your mind, you eventually live it out. This is because your subconscious mind picks up on the visions and feelings of faith, and you act accordingly.

Use these words as inspiration today. Take time to envision the success you are seeking. See it. Believe it. Make it happen. Have faith as you hold the vision in your mind, and feel the positive emotions you know you will feel when the goal is realized.

Tell me what you see. How good is it? You will one day be what you are seeing. It’s in your control. Make it happen, and enjoy the blessings : )

The Power of Humility

February 10, 2013

The word humility sometimes gets a bad rap in our society. It is much easier for people to strive for power and the highest position rather than lowering themselves and remaining outside the spotlight. Much of this mind set is human nature.

I am realizing more and more how humility is definitely in our best interests. Really? It’s best to be humble and lower ourselves below all other people? It is here where the concept of humility is most misunderstood. Humility is not lowering yourself to other people and letting them walk all over you. It is not completely denying yourself. It is simply loving yourself in a way that does not put you over anyone else. However,  there’s much more than that.

I was awakened to the most real definition of humility in a book called “Relentless” by John Bevere. In this book he simply refers to humility as submitting to the will and power of God. It’s a matter of simply believing that He knows all of the answers, and knows the way to your best life. He simplifies it by using a Bible verse that says “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). In his book, Bevere adds to the meaning of grace that goes beyond what we all understand it as. He says it is mainly the empowerment of God. What this verse says then, is that God provides His empowerment to those that don’t rely on their own power and strength, but instead allow Him to lead the way. The proud are those that believe they know best or try to do everything in their own power, by their own ego. God holds back his empowerment for those people.

To me, this is a very simply formula of getting out of the way and letting God do His thing through me instead of me doing everything myself. It does not mean I just sit back and don’t act. It simply means I watch and listen for His leading and act accordingly.

From this account, you can see why greater humility is greater power. It’s because you are simply relying on a power far greater than your own limits. It can only lead to blessing and success. Enjoy : )

Can You Imagine?…See Yourself Living Your Dream Life

February 8, 2013

What would you consider your dream life? I would like you to reflect on the answer to that question. Then picture that dream life right now. Who are you with? Where are you? What are you doing? What does it feel like? See yourself as the star of your life and enjoy every second of this journey into your imagination.

What you are doing is called creative visualization. It is true that you receive in life what you focus on. You may not even do this deliberately, but for example, if you focus on lack, doubt, and negative situations, you ultimately see and experience those types of situations in real life. When you focus on infinite possibility and positive outcomes, that is what usually plays out in your life. It’s all in your hands. Knowing that you control the outcomes, what visions will you allow to play in your mind?

You may can visualization impact your outcomes? The answer is that it is all part of the subconscious mind. It’s the subconscious that ultimately controls all action we take, or lack of it. It determines whether we move ahead with confidence or hesitation. It does so by responding to the messages it receives. The cool thing is that it can’t tell the difference between a real or imagined event. As a result, when you imagine positive scenes of success, the subconscious accepts it as true. When it believes it as true, you are then inspired to act and move towards the goal without hesitation. You take the inspired steps to make it happen.

Many people believe in the power of visualization. However, they don’t know how to practice it effectively. There are many videos and articles online to assist with this process. I have found one that’s helped me, and I will share the link at the end of this post.

I strongly recommend you use the visualization techniques outlined. The visions will become part of your mental make-up, and will become more and more real. I believe rapid results will follow. As always, I encourage you to share your successes here so others can be inspired. Enjoy the blessings : )

5 Words You Wouldn’t Want To Hear

February 3, 2013

There are certain words and phrases we don’t like to hear for various reasons. Some hurt our feelings. Some make us angry. Some remind us of negative events from the past.

After listening to a message the other day, I was reminded of five words that make me and many others feel guilty, and they provide that woulda, coulda, shoulda regretful feeling. Those words are…”If You Would Have Asked…..

Have you ever heard someone say that to you? I would think you probably have. Those are difficult words. After going through a difficult time or a situation in which you failed, knowing that you could have received someone’s help simply by asking, you can hit yourself over the head and think about what could have been. I can think of several situations in my life where this happened to me.

In addtion to the people around us, we also have a God above who is always willing to help you when you need it. The problem is, many people rarely ask Him for help. The question is, why not? In Matthew 7 He clearly says, “ask and it will given to you”. In John 14 he says, “ask inything in the name of Jesus and I will give it to you”. There are others as well. He DEFINITELY WANTS to provide great things for you. However, in many cases, He is waiting for you to ask. It’s all you have to do sometimes.

There are cases in my own life where I feel like God was telling me…”if you would have asked, I would have done it for you”. He could say far worse things to me. Yet those words and the corresponding feeling of regret hurt the most. To know that it is so simple to ask, and by asking I could have succeeded or received what I was striving for hits me the hardest. After all, the Bible also says in James, “you have not because you ask not”.

A way to change the feeling of regret is to make sure you never hear those words again. If you have tried on your own and you know someone would be willing to help, don’t hesitate to ask. More importantly, always ask your Creator who is ALWAYS willing to help. Besides avoiding the feeling of regret for not asking, you will experience the joy of reaching your goal and succeeding in all areas of your life. At least those that you seek His help in.

Please don’t ever cause someone to say that they were available to help and you let the opportunity slip by. Instead, put yourself in a position where you can thank others and God for the assistance they provide, and reap the benefits of it. There are no regrets there. Enjoy the blessings : )