How Did The Miracle Happen?

I am one who very much appreciates the sport of ice hockey. I am also very interested in history. Hence the reason I paid attention today when I was reminded of a particular anniversary.

It was on this date in 1980 that the Miracle On Ice occured. In case you don’t know or haven’t seen the movie (Miracle) that was made about it, it was a big event, not only in the sports world, but the political world as well. The United States hockey team beat the Soviet Union in a semi-final Olympic game. This was major because the Cold War was still strong at this time, so it was more than just a hockey victory. It certainly had patriotic and political implications, besides the stakes of a big hockey game.

On the ice, this was a stunning victory. The Soviet team consisted of their most skilled professionals, while the United States team was a group of amateurs who had only played together during the Olympics and the preparation games before. The two teams had played an exhibition shortly before the Olympics, and the Soviets won something like 10-2. Much of the same was expected in this game. However, somehow, some way, the U.S. team that was given no chance to win (even by fellow Americans) pulled off the victory.

How did this victory happen? It can only come down to one word..Belief. No one else believed they even had a chance. The Soviets were bigger, better, and more experienced. They had beaten them badly a few weeks ago. For all of these reasons, the Americans didn’t stand a chance. Yet these players and coaches ignored all of the obstacles. They ignored all of the people who were convinced it could never be done. They didn’t even consider that they were amateurs going against experienced and skilled professionals. Instead, they set a goal, made a plan, envisioned success, and didn’t even think about losing this game. Instead, they believed 100% that they were good enough and fully capable of winning. That’s how the miracle happened.

As I reflect on this event 33 years later, I realize how those same lessons can be applied in any area of my life, and I share them with you. How do miracles happen in your life? First, you ignore all of the obstacles and people who try to convince you it can’t be done. Then you set a goal, make a plan, envision success, and don’t even think about failure. Instead, believe 100% that you are worthy, and fully capable of success and miracles in your life. Believe that there are no other options! That’s how miracles happen in your life.

If you’re like me, the mere mention of this hockey game brings back the wonderful memories and flood of emotions every time. I challenge you to use the lessons from this improbable victory to create success and miracles in your life. Remember, with faith all things are possible. Enjoy the blessings : )

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