5 Words You Wouldn’t Want To Hear

There are certain words and phrases we don’t like to hear for various reasons. Some hurt our feelings. Some make us angry. Some remind us of negative events from the past.

After listening to a message the other day, I was reminded of five words that make me and many others feel guilty, and they provide that woulda, coulda, shoulda regretful feeling. Those words are…”If You Would Have Asked…..

Have you ever heard someone say that to you? I would think you probably have. Those are difficult words. After going through a difficult time or a situation in which you failed, knowing that you could have received someone’s help simply by asking, you can hit yourself over the head and think about what could have been. I can think of several situations in my life where this happened to me.

In addtion to the people around us, we also have a God above who is always willing to help you when you need it. The problem is, many people rarely ask Him for help. The question is, why not? In Matthew 7 He clearly says, “ask and it will given to you”. In John 14 he says, “ask inything in the name of Jesus and I will give it to you”. There are others as well. He DEFINITELY WANTS to provide great things for you. However, in many cases, He is waiting for you to ask. It’s all you have to do sometimes.

There are cases in my own life where I feel like God was telling me…”if you would have asked, I would have done it for you”. He could say far worse things to me. Yet those words and the corresponding feeling of regret hurt the most. To know that it is so simple to ask, and by asking I could have succeeded or received what I was striving for hits me the hardest. After all, the Bible also says in James, “you have not because you ask not”.

A way to change the feeling of regret is to make sure you never hear those words again. If you have tried on your own and you know someone would be willing to help, don’t hesitate to ask. More importantly, always ask your Creator who is ALWAYS willing to help. Besides avoiding the feeling of regret for not asking, you will experience the joy of reaching your goal and succeeding in all areas of your life. At least those that you seek His help in.

Please don’t ever cause someone to say that they were available to help and you let the opportunity slip by. Instead, put yourself in a position where you can thank others and God for the assistance they provide, and reap the benefits of it. There are no regrets there. Enjoy the blessings : )

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