The Story Of The Quiet Superstar…And How You Can Become One

I was talking to my daughter the other day about basketball. She said she is currently playing it in Gym class. She added that she enjoys it, but she was struggling. After all, she is short for her age, and basketball is a tall person’s game. She said she was trying to play well and improve. The problem is that her lack of confidence was eveident. As a result, the other kids aren’t even throwing the ball to her.

I tried to think quickly. Although I very much enjoy the game and have decent athletic ability, I am not good at basketball. So what could I tell her? As I thought about it, I thought of my favorite college and NBA players. My favorites are the ones who are not seven feet tall, and not even the ones that score the most points. They are the ones who rack up the assists and do the little things to help the team win. Basically, they are the ones that help the superstars and the high point scorers look good. These players are the ones that find the big guys and get them the ball for the easy shot. Again, they help the stars succeed and look good.

I advised my daughter that she could be this type of player. Basketball is a team game for a reason. The biggest guys get the inside dunks and block shots from the opponents. The shooters are the ones scoring the long 3 pointers. Then there are those I mentioned that have a high number of assists and do what’s necessary where needed. Everyone has their role. Each player that has reached the college and professional level is there because of ability, but also because they were smart enough to figure out the best way to contribute to a team based on their size and ability.

I explained this to my daughter. She is not tall, nor has she had much practice shooting the ball. I explained to her how to find the players that could make the basket and do her best to get the ball to them. That’s something that, based on her ability, she could work to get better at. Once the other kids figure out that they would get the ball from my daughter to score, she would get the ball more. In other words, if they figure out that my daughter can help make them look good, they will of course give her more opportunities to do so. She would be considered a valuable member of the team.

What’s the point of all of this? You too can be considered a very valuable team member wherever you are. You can help yourself stand out. How? By helping others look good. This goes against the normal way of thinking. Most people attempt to stand out by bringing the attention on themselves. It is human nature to do this. However, you are more likely to be noticed when you help others get noticed. You are more likely to look good when you help others look good. In a nutshell, you succeed when you help others succeed.

I began following this suggestion and I certanly see its truth. I challenge you to do the same.  Remove the focus from yourself, and see what you can do to help others shine. If you do this consistently, you will begin to see the spotlight shine on you more often. You will feel great for helping others, and will experience significant rewards yourself.

I challenge you to increase your assist total. You can score some baskets too, but the key is to help others succeed and look good. They will be blessed, and so will you. Then you will all be winners. Have an excellent day!

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