Can Mind Triumph Over Matter At The Olympics?

Another olympic fornight has come to an end. I always enjoy watching talented, hard-working individuals from all over the world complete in various types of games. I also enjoy learning the various lessons that are associated with it.

One of those lessons is that success at these games is not based solely on physical talent. Much of the athletes’ success at the Olympics is based on what lies between the ears. In other words, the power of the mind is just as important as the power of the body.

I was reminded of this fact by an article in a Malaysian newspaper. The article criticized some of the athletes for not being strong enough mentally. The article says, “the athletes were competitive at this level, but lost out where it mattered most. They clearly lacked the psychological edge where the mind provides the extra push needed to be a winner.” The article stressed that the Malaysian sports people have not given this aspect enough attention.

This information is not only true in Malaysia, or even in sports for that matter. It is a fact that the most successful people in life are the ones with not only the skill or talent to excel, but also those with the most mental strength and determination to be a winner. Going back to the olympics…how many times have we seen athletes with less talent win because of their determination and strengthof their will. Or how many superior athletes have we seen fall short because they did not possess the mental strength necessary to succeed? It happens all the time, in all aspects of society.

You may be asking…how can I make my mind strong for success? The answer is that it can be easily done. The secret is holding the picture of success (whatever that is for you) in your mind and never letting it go. See yourself accomplishing the goals you set. Feel the satisfaction as if you have already accomplished those goals. This may seem like an over-simplification, but it is extremely powerful. When we envision success and feel the positive emotions associated with it, we believe it as it is embedded into our subconscious. Then we are more likely to act successful and take the necessary steps with confidence in order to achieve it.

It is sad to know that these London olympics are gone forever. However, the lessons will remain. Now it’s time to put them to use.  Have an excellent day : )

I have included a link to the article I referenced below….

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