10 Positive Ways To Start Your Day

There are few things more important in life’s events than getting off to a good start. This especially true for each day we live. In most cases, the better the day starts, the better it ends up.

It would be nice if we had control of the start of our day, wouldn’t it? I am here to tell you that we do have full control over how we start our day. We can deliberately think positive thoughts and take postive actions to ensure that our days go smoothly.

One effective way to start our day is by using positive affirmations. That is, repeating positive phrases to ourselves. This is effective because it sets a positive tone for the day. It also engrains positive messages into the subconscious, resulting in greater confidence and positivity.

I recently read an article called, “10 Positive Declarations You Should Whisper to Yourself Each Morning”. Here are the 10 suggested declarations:

  1. I love my life.
  2. My thoughts create my reality.
  3. I am grateful.
  4. I choose to be happy.
  5. Smile
  6. I am worthy.
  7. The opinions of others don’t matter
  8. I am kind.
  9. I live in this moment.
  10. Breathe deeply.

These affirmations may seem simple, but they can have a powerful impact. Not only are they effective at the beginning of the day, but they can also be used throughout the day to help maintain a positive frame of mind. I strongly suggest you try and use them. I have included the link to the entire article. Enjoy the blessings : )


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